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AKIPartner Organizations in Namibia-Katutura

Katutura Pet Care & Food Distribution

Katutura animal

Erika, AKI's Namibia contact, who distributes and tracks AKI funds sent to the rural SPCAs, started the Vet Care and Pet Food Distribution initiative in Katutura, a poor township near Windhoek. Erika and other volunteers are helping people in Katutura feed and care for their cats and dogs and when funds are available, they arrange for cats and dogs to be spayed.

Erika and other volunteers de-worm cats and dogs, provide flea/tick and mange treatment, treat wounds, bring dog and cat food and also bake dog cookies, and they bring treats for the children too. 


Erika makes dog cushions out of old material, towels, etc. and gives these to Katutura families for their cats and dogs. No vets practice in Katutura, so this is the only care available to families with pets, who live in this poor township. As funds allow, Erika's team gets Katutura's cats and dogs sterilized.


For updates on the Katutura Vet Care and Pet Food Distribution Initiative, and how AKI funds are supporting it, please see the AKI Blog.

These pictures (above and below) are from the team's March and April 2015 visits and show the volunteer group working in Katutura, where they distributed dog and cat food, provided basic care, and handed out homemade sweets for the children.  The pictures also include two vet students from Germany, who were in Windhoek for several weeks and helped Erika in Katutura. 

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