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Winter in Armenia
Dog at Save the Animals-Armenia-Oct 10Every year since Save the Animals-Armenia has been an AKI Partner Organization (since 2010!), we've raised a bit of extra money for their winter requirements-the dogs need a little extra food, the shelter's heating bills are high. Only 61 dogs now live at the SA-A shelter; so many have died of old age or debilitating illnesses stemming from old age. And the ones who remain are seniors, as well, and require meds, vitamins, and visits to the vet.

Although we had hoped that people in Armenia would grow to love older, mixed breed dogs-including their national dog, the Gampr (many of the SAA dogs are mixed with Gamprs-like the dog to the right), it just didn't happen and most of the SAA dogs have grown old at the shelter while waiting for homes.

We're grateful to Nune (SAA founder, director) that she cares as much as we do, and has made these dogs' lives as happy and comfortable as possible.


Please read my most recent AKI Blog post about Nune, Save the Animals-Armenia, and how AKI donors are helping-and can help-the SAA shelter dogs:

Where there's no winter, we're still thankful for your warmth & kindness....

Organizations. We have 10 of them. We chose them because at least one AKI Board Member has worked closely with each one and knows the ins and outs of the work they do. We keep them as Partner Organizations because they fulfill our requirements, which are mainly about transparency, accountability, and effectiveness (how successful they are at helping animals).

Of course, worldwide, there are many good, effective animal welfare organizations -and the number keeps growing. Sometimes the animal welfare world can seem overwhelming (especially as  the holidays approach and everyone is clamoring for your donations!)-but don't turn away. We're here to help! Read about our Partners, about how AKI donors support them, and how together we are helping some of the most effective animal welfare organizations in some of the poorest countries.

For example, our Partner Organization, Kingston Community Animal Welfare run by Deborah Binns, one of the most dedicated animal rescuers I have ever known:


Read about how KCAW uses AKI donations to help Kingston's cats and dogs

The 1st spay/neuter campaign in South Sudan

This is a little different from the way we typically work (previously, our focus in South Sudan was Humane Ed only). But we decided someone had to step up and address the overpopulation, cruelty, and rampant disease among the dog and cat population in Juba, South Sudan. Working with a group of locals and expats in Juba, we are organizing South Sudan's 1st s/n campaign, which will include 2 weeks of hands-on training for South Sudan's vets, vet techs, and assistants and s/n of about 500 free-roaming (picture right) and owned cats and dogs. The amazing fundraising talents of our South Sudan group have paid off, and the 1st campaign is fully funded.

Read about South Sudan: Moving from planning to action

AKI's Africa-Based Animal Welfare Grantees


Since our September newsletter when we reported on 4 grant recipients, 3 more of our 8 grant recipients have kicked off their grants:

  • Egyptian Society of Animal Friends is capturing, neutering, vaccinating, and releasing dogs thanks to the AKI grant.

  • OIPA-Cameroon has met with communities and schools to discuss and prepare for their rabies vaccination campaign.

  • Save Animals in the Democratic Republic of Congo has signed a contract with a TV station to show their pet-related broadcasts and they've made dog beds (picture right) and cat houses as demos and also to sell to generate income for the organization's work.

Read about AKI's 2019 grantees

Helping even more animal welfare organizations....

We know of many more good, effective animal welfare organizations than we're able to support financially.  So we help in other ways, like posting information about them on the AKI Blog. For example...

  • One of the most amazing animal advocates I know of is Paterne Bushunju in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo. Read his story about how he came to protect animals in an environment where most people shun them (this will leave you feeling really hopeful for the future).

  • We also love what Dr. Martin's group, Animal Welfare Society, is doing in Cameroon to help donkeys. Donkeys are used by cotton farmers to plow their fields, children use them for transport to school (photo above), and families use them for transport and other household needs. They're so important to rural peoples' livelihoods, yet donkeys are taken for granted and get little care. In Cameroon, Dr. Martin is changing that.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you to Donkeys for Africa for publishing an article about AKI Partner Ghana SPCA and how they're helping donkeys in Ghana and for highlighting the work of 2 of our 2019 grant recipients, Sibanye Animal Welfare & Conservancy Trust and Bam Animal Clinics.


A few months before the holidays, we notice that donations slow down until the holiday giving season begins. But the needs of our Partner Organizations and Grantees don't slow down. Please remember AKI in your holiday giving. And please consider becoming a monthly donor--we, our Partner Organizations, and Grantees are so grateful for your kind support.  

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Kindness to Animals has no Boundaries


We are so grateful for your support,

Karen Menczer & the AKI Board


We rely on you to help us get the word out about AKI and our support for animal welfare organizations in resource-poor countries. Would you consider

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