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Dear Friends,


For 2020 we wish that more people take this to heart: Kindness to Animals has no Boundaries.


What we're doing about it: We will continue to raise awareness of our Partners and Grantees and that by supporting them, we will never have to stand by while an animal suffers, if that animal is across the globe or down the road.


For 2020, we wish that animal welfare organizations around the world become stronger voices for animals.


What we're doing about it: We will continue to provide support-financial, technical, administrative, and emotional support to build strong, local advocates (particularly in Africa) for animals, advocates that can stand up for animals, that are looked to and listened to when animals are threatened.

For 2020, we wish that....

the Uganda SPCA finally gets the land they need to take better care of the >250 animals currently at The Haven shelter (picture right) and the many more who we expect will need sanctuary in the future.


I was in Uganda this month and each time I visited The Haven, my heart broke. There are just too many dogs in this small space (the situation for cats is a bit better). Each dog has his or her sad story of neglect, outright abuse, and/or abandonment. They NEED the USPCA. The USPCA NEEDS a bigger plot of land to humanely house animals in need. 

What we're doing about it: We will continue to raise money for the USPCA's Land Fund and we won't give up until a new USPCA Haven is a reality! Land prices in and around Kampala are only going up (I think you would be really surprised at how expensive land is there). We will fast track our fundraising efforts in 2020.


Please help make this 2020 wish come true. There are 2 ways to donate to the USPCA's Land Fund (in addition to a 3rd, if you are in Uganda: directly at the USPCA Haven): 






News from the AKI Blog


AKI Blog posts-December:


Mbwa wa Africa: Looking Back at 2019. AKI Partner Mbwa wa Africa reviews a year of successes and challenges; we give you info about how MwA used your donations.

AKI Grant to Giving is Living: Dogs Unchained! Read about the 7 dogs who have been unchained-and see the joy (5 fenced yards built for 6 dogs; and 1 runner for Blitz, pictured right; and funds remain for 6-7 more fenced yards and unchainings!) Giving is Living tells us about the process they've put in place to unchain dogs and make sure they remain off-chain.

Get to know Alex & Jaki, the faces of the Uganda SPCA. Those of us who have visited or follow the USPCA know that Jaki and Alex (and the rest of The Haven team) give their all to make the shelter's cats and dogs as comfortable, safe, and secure as possible. But what else do you know about them? (Did you know that AKI donors cover a portion of USPCA staff salaries, including Jaki's annual salary and a salary supplement for Alex plus Alex's Christmas bonus? Animal welfare organizations are only as strong as the people who work at them and to keep good, experienced people like Jaki and Alex, they need equitable salaries.)  



For 2020, we wish....

For you, our friends and supporters, we wish you health, happiness, and the peace of mind that comes when animals are treated with respect and kindness, when cruelty is widely considered unacceptable

AKI RECURRING DONORS! If you didn't receive my AKI Recurring Donor: 2019 Letter of Thanks, please get in touch with me so I can re-send it.


When I was in Uganda, I met with one of our 2019 grantees, Bam Animal Clinics. In AKI's January newsletter, we'll tell you more about their work to improve the lives of donkeys in eastern Uganda.

AKI donors support our 10 Partner Organizations in Uganda, Tanzania (2 Partners), South Sudan, Namibia, Liberia, Ghana, Armenia, Jamaica, and Honduras; and AKI's Grant Program for Africa-Based Animal Welfare Organizations (2019 grant recipients are located in: Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Mozambique, South Africa.)

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We wish you a happy holiday season and kindness to animals in 2020,


Karen Menczer & the AKI Board


We rely on you to help us get the word out about AKI and our support for animal welfare organizations in resource-poor countries. Would you consider

forwarding this message to a friend?


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