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AKI Partner Organization: Have A Heart-Namibia

AKI's Partnership with Have a Heart - Namibia

Have A Heart-Namibia mainly uses AKI funds for their Lifetime Care Program (vaccination boosters and anti-parasite treatments for all returning spay/neuter clients) and an AKI-HAH Emergency Fund that HAH can use at their discretion.  All pets who receive care through the Emergency Fund or Lifetime Care Program must be spayed or neutered prior to receiving the care or as soon as they are healthy enough.

In 2022, with AKI funding, 250 dogs and 26 cats received anti-parasite treatment and booster shots. 32 cats and 50 dogs were helped thanks to the AKI-HAH Emergency Fund.


Have-A-Heart's spay/neuter program is a Namibia-wide effort to decrease the population of unwanted dogs and cats and improve the care of pets.

The AKI Blog has lots of information about AKI's support for HAH-Namibia.

HaH-Namibia 1 & 2-2022.png
Namibia HaH through 2021.png
Namibia HAH pie chart 2020

Before the mobile clinic was launched in 2018, since 2016, working closely with HAH Coordinator Geesche, AKI sponsored spayathons in Luderitz, Aus, and Bethanie, where we covered the costs of s/n in these 3 towns. Below are pictures of spayathons from the early days of the AKI-HAH partnership. The mobile clinic still sees many of these animalsas part of the Lifetime Care Program.

The black dog (1st row, middle picture) with the group of children is Danger - the whole group loves to hang out with him and he's a very happy boy. His owner's name is Theofilus.

Jackals, one super lucky dog in Aus. Geesche wrote to us: "Jackals is totally blind but is so loved by his family, his owner cried happy tears when Jackals passed Dr. Maya's health check and got the go ahead for his neuter. During the operation Dr. Baines found an abscess on Jackals 'private parts.' Shame, that must have been painful. But Dr. Baines was able to remove the abscess and cleaned everything up. So happy for Jackals that he got rid of the pain and that he will enjoy his retirement!"

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