AKI Support to Namibia's Have A Heart Mobile Clinic

(from Geesche & Sarah)


March has been a fantastic month for the Have a Heart animals in Namibia thanks to AKI! 


During two spay trips to Otjiwarongo and Outjo and to Gobabis, Drimiopsis, and Witvlei, AKI helped the following animals with the so important booster vaccinations and parasite treatments:


At total of 8 cats received anti-parasite treatment, 5 of them a booster rabies vaccination

95 dogs received anti-parasite treatment, 35 of them a full booster vaccination.


As African wild dogs have been recently seen in the area around Gobabis, Drimiopsis, and Witvlei, it is important to keep domestic dog vaccinations up to date; canine distemper virus from domestic dogs is a serious threat to the endangered African wild dog. Besides all the many other advantages of vaccinating dogs and cats, knowing our Have-a-Heart family members are posing no risk to African wild dogs is a huge relief!  


The picture (right) was taken by Mobile Animal Clinic Namibia

HAH in March-AKI funds

AKI Support to Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society

(from Morris Darbo)

Support from AKI continues to keep us active in many communities in Lofa County with animal welfare education for pet owners along with free basic lifesaving healthcare and treatments.


Please see some of the recent photos.

Tanzania Animal Welfare Society

Thanks to an AKI disbursement from an anonymous donation that designated TAWESO donkey clinics in honor of Margaret Gardiner, a donation from the Phillips Family (Caring for Animals Globally), and donations from the AKI general fund, TAWESO will soon be holding donkey clinics in the northwest of Tanzania, around Lake Victoria. This is part of TAWESO's project in Chato district, where donkeys are used to carry bricks and logs (picture right-you can see TAWESO's Dr. Thomas on the right in the picture, not very happy with this method of hauling), and as usual, water, people, crops, and just about anything else that needs to be hauled and is too heavy for humans.


But this area has been under-served and is in dire need of a sustained effort to train donkey owners and government officials, to support the making and using of humane/improved harnesses, and to provide vet care for working donkeys. We'll certainly report to you about TAWESO donkey clinics as they move ahead.

10th anniv Chato district NW TZ donkeys