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AKI Partner Organizations in Namibia-Rural SPCAs

Oshana SPCA

Located in the far north of Namibia, the Oshana SPCA in Ongwediva, Oshana Region, was established in October 2017. One of Oshana SPCA's early successes has been their work with Town Councils. Town Councils impound stray livestock, mainly goats, pigs, cows, and donkeys, that wander into towns to graze. They require owners to pay a fine for the return of their animals. Shade, water, and food are often insufficient at the Town Council kraals and the Oshana SPCA has been tipped off about cases in which impounded animals have died. The Oshana SPCA is working with Oshakati, Ondangwa, and Okahao Town Councils to improve conditions.

Thanks to a donation from W Horn Attorneys, (a local law firm in Oshakati), the Oshana SPCA purchased a plot of land (7200 sq meters) in Ongwediva, where they intend to build the Oshana SPCA shelter. Once constructed, the Oshana SPCA will have the 1st and only shelter in the far north of Namibia.


The closest private veterinary services to Ongwediva are in Tsumeb, 300 km away! So Oshana SPCA is working closely with the state veterinarians and the Ministry of Agriculture. For spay/neuter services, the Oshana SPCA will use Have A Heart-Mobile (also an AKI Partner Organization) and private veterinary services, as funds allow.

Above: Oshana SPCA received a report that the animals at the Ondangwa Town Council impound pens were not being fed. They investigated and found the animals to be without food or shelter but they did have water. One goat and a pig needed urgent medical attention which an Oshana SPCA member, Charmaine Bester, could do with the help of a vet connected via phone.  W Horn Attorneys donated to purchase the medicines needed to treat the animals. Oshana SPCA arranged for emergency food for the animals, some of which was donated by Ondangwa Farmers Market and some purchased by Oshana SPCA. When animals are not claimed by owners, they are left to die of thirst or hunger and then thrown in a nearby pit and their carcasses burned!! The Oshana SPCA is working to change that.


Below: Oshana SPCA had a Dip-a-Dog day in Ongwediva on 9 December 2017. 86 dogs were dipped against ticks and fleas – even the kids jumped in to help. Directorate of Veterinary Services gave free rabies injections and de-worming.

Tsumeb SPCA

When Erika heard that the Tsumeb SPCA was in a "dire and deteriorating" state and needed support to make improvements, she knew this would be a great use of AKI funds.  The needs were great:

·         Repair and replace dog kennels
·         Construct new dog enclosures
·         Replace the leaking roof of the cat enclosure
·         Construct 2 to 3 stables
·         Repaint the buildings


When Tsumeb SPCA received the funds from Erika, they posted on their Facebook page: "Once again Erika von Gierszewski came to our rescue while we were starting up with our renovations of the cat kennels/playground with a donation of +- N$ 10 000.00! A huge thank you to AKI without whom this donation would not have been possible! Animal-Kind International: Our Supporters! Thank you!!"

Renovation of Tsumeb's cat kennels was made possible thanks to a donation from Sharon Hall in memory of her brother, Bill Hall, an animal lover.  See pictures of the renovated cat kennels below. ↓

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