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Save the Animals-Armenia Says Thank You to AKI Donors

Save the Animals-Armenia has been an AKI partner organization since 2009. Nune Mehrabyan runs the shelter, located in Yerevan, which houses 200-220 dogs.

In March this year, Nune told me about a dog at the SAA shelter that couldn't walk. For 45 days, she had been at the shelter. Nune had taken her to the vet, who showed Nune exercises to do with the dog (pictured below). And then one day, Jade walked! Nune sent me a video and said,

"yeeeeeeeeeeeees,,,It's a WANDER...REALLY WANDER !!!!!!!I have cryed all the time,,,,nobody belive that one day she will do it,,,but i belived and she wad eating special food and i work with her all the time,,,I am so happy." (AKI covered vet costs and Jade's food).

Nune and Jade

Sometimes Nune and I have difficulties understanding each other, but when it comes to talking about dogs and cats, language isn't an issue!

Before AKI sent SAA their 1st disbursement of 2016, Nune said to me, "For me now most importrant to have the food for dogs and give money to workers." Nune told me that fewer and fewer people are able to donate in Armenia, and she didn't want to lose the shelter workers because it's so difficult to find hard workers with kind hearts.

Thanks to AKI donors, so far in 2016, Nune has been able to pay for dog food (in June she bought the dog food in the 2 pictures below), salaries, and vet care, including sterilizations and other surgeries.

Nune bought this dog food with AKI $$

Nune bought dog food with AKI funds

These 2 SAA shelter dogs both needed surgery on their legs and they were both spayed. AKI donors covered the costs for these lucky dogs.

Had surgery on her leg & was spayed-cost covered by AKI donors

Another dog that needed leg surgery and was spayed-also covered by AKI donors

This SAA shelter dog below was spayed with AKI funds.

SAA shelter dog spayed thanks to AKI donors

The 220 shelter dogs, Nune, and her shelter staff say thank you to AKI donors for supporting her beautiful shelter in Yerevan, Armenia. We might not understand Armenian, but we know happy dogs when we see them!

Nune with a few shelter dogs

Shelter dogs

Shelter dogs

Nune and shelter dogs

Shelter dogs

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