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Tanzania Animal Welfare Society Grateful for Support from AKI Donors

AKI donors support TAWESO's donkey welfare program and community vet clinics. Donors also funded the construction of TAWESO's kennels (picture below), which serve as a small dog and cat shelter at TAWESO HQ in Dar es Salaam. AKI's donors also provide funds for TAWESO shelter operations.

Dr. Thomas Kahema, TAWESO Founder and Director, told us about some of the things that AKI donor support has allowed TAWESO to do during the 1st few months of 2016:

We now have a vet (see below, TAWESO vet at work) at the shelter and clinic and the clinic operates on a daily basis. This vet does all veterinary activities at the shelter: treatment of sick animals, helping street animals, spay/neuter, and vaccinations against rabies, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and parvo virus infection. She is paid US$ 600.00/month (AKI funds covered 1 month of the vet's salary).

The animal handler takes care of all animals at the shelter (picture above)). He cleans the kennels, cooks, and feeds the animals, washes and grooms them, and assists the vet by cleaning surgical instruments during surgeries and other tasks. He is paid US$200.00/month. At the TAWESO shelter we always have 20 dogs and 30 cats. We also have animals in foster care.

At the shelter we have two big deep freezers. With AKI funds (US$800) we bought cat food and 400 kilos of meat. We cook 10 kilos of meat per day for the animals at the shelter but also we cook for the animals in foster care. Sometimes foster families help to buy food but at some points we send food for them. The foods purchased with AKI funds lasted for a month.

We also used AKI funds to help animals during the floods. We vaccinated against rabies, did spay/neuter and general outreach both in Dar es Salaam and Dodoma (Mpwapwa). The numbers we helped are 68 cats, 342 dogs and 165 donkeys. (Some of the animals helped with AKI funds during the floods are below).

AKI funds also covered transport we used in Dar es Salaam to reach animals displaced by floods. We traveled 50-60 kilometres per day to the affected animals. We bought only fuel as we had the vehicle from one of our members. We also paid for the fuel used to pick animals from the streets which needed attention and also the general rescue.

Greetings and thank you to Animal-Kind International and your donors.

[As you can see below, TAWESO doesn't just help dogs, cats, and donkeys. These animals were also cared for during the floods in Tanzania.]

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