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In Sierra Leone, 1 + 1 = 100

When does 1 + 1 =100? When 1 person from the US decides she wants to help animals across the world in Sierra Leone and 1 person in Sierra Leone organizes a street dog feeding days with her donation (picture below).

Street Dog Feeding Day in Sierra Leone thanks to Elizabeth

In Sierra Leone, $200 goes a long way. That's just one reason Elizabeth wanted to help animals there. Another reason is that Tom Sandi, who founded the organization, Campaign against Cruelty to Animals-Sierra Leone, works tirelessly to change attitudes towards street dogs and cats and get them the food and vet care they so need.

How bad is life for street dogs in Sierra Leone? In June, a friend who has worked in almost every African country, sent me this message from Freetown, Sierra Leone: "I am shocked at not just the number of uncared for dogs, but the horrible treatment they are doled out by 'human beings.' It is painful to see, on the short trek from hotel to the Ministry, so many suffering dogs. Every female shows signs of recent or current pregnancy, there is reportedly only ONE vet in the entire country."

So it was good news for Tom, as well as the dogs, that Elizabeth decided to support CCA-SL's efforts. With Elizabeth's donation, Tom and other CCA-SL volunteers organized a two-day event, a Street Dog Feeding and Public Sensitization walk through Bo in Sierra Leone (picture below).

Parade through Bo, Sierrra Leone

Tom Sandi reported, "With the help of three youth volunteers backed with good weather, we were able today Saturday 27th August 2016 to organise stray dog feeding program alongside public sensitization/education on animal welfare and humane education. We were able to feed 100 stray dogs. Over 300 members of the public benefited from the sensitization/education campaign. We will continue the exercise tomorrow."

That's how 1 + 1 = 100 (and more!).

Of course Tom realizes that the dogs need more than a couple of days of food--most need vet care, they all need to be spayed/neutered, and they need to be treated kindly! CCA-SL continues to work toward these goals.

For more pictures of the street dog feeding and sensitization walk, see below. If you'd like to make a difference in the lives of dogs and cats in countries where your donation means the difference between life and death, a healthy meal and no food or water, please visit the AKI donation page or get in touch with me at Thank you Elizabeth, Tom, and the three CCA-SL youth volunteers for making a difference in the lives of dogs in Sierra Leone!

A beneficiary of the street dog feeding program

A dog gets fed as people look on

Another beneficiary of the street dog feeding program

Two dogs get fed during CCA-SL's street dog feeding

A "guard" dog gets fed

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