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Donkey vet clinic, August 2015

With funds from AKI, Tanzania Animal Welfare Society held a donkey vet clinic in August 2015. This is a brief report on that clinic.

TAWESO staff and volunteers traveled from Dar es Salaam to Mpwapwa district to hold a donkey vet clinic in August, 2015. We were able to help 243 donkeys with wound dressing, de-worming, and vaccination against rabies. Some animals were provided with specific veterinary treatment of the presenting disease conditions.

We thank the AKI donors for their support. We spent:

Veterinary Medicine and Supplies-US$ 900.00- 150 vetrimec, wound sprays, 250 doses of rabies vaccine, antibiotics, iodine tincture, ivermectin 500ml, eye ointment

Transport- US$ 200.00 Gas for the vehicle from Dar es Salaam to and from Dodoma and the internal transportation in Mpwapwa

Refreshment for Volunteers-US$ 100.00-water and takeway foods for 5 volunteers

Below are pictures of the clinic days.

Treating wounds during the vet clinic

Donkey check up during the vet clinic

Treating a donkey during the clinic

Donkey vet clinic August 2015-the team

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