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AKI donors help TAWESO rescue Dar es Salaam dogs

Although AKI mainly supports Tanzania Animal Welfare Society's Donkey Welfare Programme, earlier this year, TAWESO requested AKI assistance for some of the dogs they rescued in Dar es Salaam. We provided TAWESO with the funds they needed to help the rescued dogs. Dr. Thomas Kahema sent us their stories.

Thanks to AKI donors, TAWESO paid the salaries of an animal handler and vets for 5 weeks of care for the dogs we rescued from the street; bought dog food (chicken, beef, dry food, and maize flour) for 9 weeks; bought medicines for the rescued dogs (wound spray, rabies vaccines, ivermectin, antibiotics, Spot-On flea and tick treatment, disinfectants, bandages, and various ointments); and covered the costs for transport to rescue dogs, bringing them to foster care, and checking up on them in foster homes.

These are the dogs we rescued, provided vet care for, and for some, continue to care for thanks to AKI support.

Sosi, a male puppy, was rescued from Mbagala some 30 kilometres from TAWESO offices/clinic in the Southern –East of Dar es Salaam. Dr. Alex, a TAWESO friend, who lives in Mbagala area, called us about the puppy. Sosi was very dirty when we rescued him, and we washed him well and treated him with de-wormers and vaccinated against rabies. Sosi is still at TAWESO mini-shelter looking for permanent home.

Puppy Sosi was rescued & is looking for a permanent home

Maua was rescued from Kimara area in the west of Dar es Salaam city in Ubungo Municipality. We received phone call about her from a person who was passing by. Many people have our numbers and they have been calling always where they find an animal in trouble. Maua is a female dog, she was having a sexually transmitted disease, a type of cancer called Transmissible Venereal Tumour (TVT). We treated her with Vincristine injection (anti-tumour) and the situation went well after a month. She is still in foster care.

TAWESO treated Maua for TVT & she's now healthy

Akati is a female dog, who we rescued. She was very hungry, it seemed she had no food for some days and we fed her and de-wormed and she is doing well as her other parameters were fine.

Akati was a stray dog & very hungry when we rescued her

We rescued Zura from Mbezi area some 15 kilometres to the west from TAWESO offices. While looking very healthy, she had many ticks and later she developed tick borne paralysis but we managed to contain it and now is fine in foster care.

Zura had a tick-borne illness, but is now healthy and in foster care

Dogo was abandoned in the streets of Dar es Salaam and we were called by nearby people about the situation. We went and collected him to TAWESO offices. Unfortunately, Dogo died on the second day while receiving treatment. It was not clear what was wrong, but we suspected poisoning because of the clinical signs.

TAWESO rescued Dogo, but sadly, he died. We suspect poisoning.

We rescued Chole from Mbezi area in Dar es Salaam. She had hind quarter problems. We put her under treatment and she recovered after a month. Fortunately TAWESO was able to find a permanent home three weeks after recovery.

Chloe-rescued and rehomed

Before going to a new home, TAWESO sterilizes all dogs. Without the funds from AKI, we would not have been able to rescue and care for these dogs.

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