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Hope Sanctuary kitties are parasite-free thanks to AKI donors!

At the end of July, The Hope Sanctuary-Barbados received the 96 doses of Stronghold that we bought and sent to them as part of AKI's 1st disbursement of 2017 to The Hope. Stronghold protects animals against fleas, heartworm, hookworm, roundworms, ear mites, and biting lice. Here are some of the kitties that were treated thanks to AKI donors and a special thank you to Claudia and family, who delivered the Stronghold, on AKI's behalf, to the Sanctuary.

Zazu, a kitty with uneven limbs, was treated with Stronghold

Remy also has uneven limbs; he was treated with Stronghold

Last year, due to a large number of rescued pregnant kitties, many kittens were born at the sanctuary. Zazu, Remy, Mystic, and Inferno are a few of them.

Zazu and Remy (pictures above) were born with uneven limbs. Along with Mystic (picture below), they are very affectionate, which made treatment with Stronghold easy. Inferno was another matter. He was raised with Zazu, Remy, and Mystic, but has only recently started coming our of his shell, and while he's becoming more trusting of people, he still prefers not to be touched.

Mystic, part of Zazu and Remy's litter, also treated with Stronghold

Inferno, no longer so shy, was treated with Stronghold

Romie from the rum shop was treated with Stronghold

The Hope rescued and spayed Romie (above). She was staying at a rum shop near The Hope and living off of scraps (mainly bones) from patrons. She was just malnourished, but had no other issues, and since arriving at The Hope, she's really blossomed. Treating her with Stronghold was easy.

Aaron treats Angelo, Gilbert, and Vasili with Stronghold

Hope Sanctuary volunteer Aaron, who was visiting Barbados from South Africa, treated some of The Hope's more social kitties with Stronghold. Angelo, Gilbert, and Vasili were found by a Hope volunteer when they were kittens. They stayed with Cornelia (Founder & Director of The Hope) before being introduced to the cattery at the sanctuary.

Grady came to The Hope as a kitten

Peanut came to The Hope as a kitten

Grady and Peanut came to The Hope after their mother got hit by a car. A former volunteer, who was told about their situation, asked The Hope to accept them at the sanctuary. They are very social and were easy to treat with Stronghold, as were Akhbar, Marmaduke, Maple, and Hopscotch (pictures below).

Cornelia found Akhbar, an injured kitten, in a carpark. No one knew where she came from so Cornelia took her home, nursed her to health and then took her to The Hope cattery.

Akhbar, rescued from a carpark

Marmaduke (picture below) was brought to The Hope after a woman claimed that her family member was torturing him by pulling out his fur and pouring cooking oil on him.

Marmaduke, lucky to be at The Hope

Maple and Hopscotch were both born at The Hope. Maple has been suffering from hair and weight loss.



Thanks to Claudia and her family (picture below), the 96 doses of Stronghold were delivered directly to The Hope! Claudia said, " We took the package to Cornelia on Friday afternoon (July 21). She was so incredibly grateful! It was really a huge relief for her to have the medicine for the cats and I told her I could help her any time. We met some of the 96 cats and fed some chew sticks (also sent by AKI) to most of the 90 dogs! It is an amazing place! The medicines are half the cost abroad than in Barbados!"

Delivered the Stronghold and spent time with the dogs

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