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Before-After: Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras Success Stories

These before-after stories are a big reason that AKI supports Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras. HHHH's Pilar takes in the neediest cats and dogs and does all in her power to turn their lives around. If they don't get adopted, they always have a home at HHHH's Nereides Monte de Oca Sanctuary. We think that's worth our support! Here are some of their stories.

Bu - Pilar found this older dog, very emaciated, near a fried chicken shack. The people who owned the shack wanted to get rid of him because he bothered their customers. He stayed at Pilar's sanctuary for three years. He was fearful of everyone except Pilar. He died of natural causes.

Bu, before-after

Boni - found near a maquila where she would go looking for food, but was mistreated by all who saw her. Pilar rescued Boni after leaving her food for a week and getting the dog used to her. Boni loved children and lived for about three and a half years at the sanctuary, where she died of natural causes.

Boni, before-after

Guapa - Pilar found this big dog, very emaciated and with a fungus/bacterial infection on her skin and two large breast tumors. She was very weak when rescued and it took about three months to recover her fur and fatten her up. She was adopted and became a wonderful pet and very trusting.

Guapa, before-after

Vida was abandoned at the university where Pilar taught. She had mange, was thin and scared. She improved with just food and lots of TLC, and she was adopted by a nice family.

Vida, before-after

Mitch was attacked by a dog and had a horrible injury on his back. He recovered and lived the rest of his life at the sanctuary.

Pilar worked her magic on little Andi, and within 3 months she became a healthy, happy, well-adjusted dog! Andi arrived at HHHH's Nereida Montes de Oca shelter on March 30, 2014. She was skin and bones, had multiple wounds on her body, and severe sarcoptic mange. After she was rescued and fed, she slept for almost 24 hours! One week later, new fur was already growing in (2nd picture). Three months later, and she's in perfect shape (3rd picture)! Andi enjoys her comfort at the sanctuary (4th picture).

Andi when she arrived at the sanctuary

Andi after 1 week

Andi after 3 months

Andi, later in 2014, enjoys the HHHH chair

In January 2015, Pilar saw Faith along the side of the road when she was heading south to go birding and she gave her some food. Then, 2 weeks later, Pilar and Karen Abadie were driving along that same road to trim a sheep's nails, and they saw Faith again, but this time, barely able to walk and covered in motor oil. They brought her to the HHHH sanctuary that day. Picture 3 is Faith in May, looking like a totally different dog.

Malcolm Alexander, an animal rescuer who lived in Honduras and who often helped Pilar, sent AKI this note about Liberty Bell: On the 4th of July, driving down a street in Tegucigalpa, we [Pilar and Malcolm] came across this puppy. I know she's hard to look at. I see this every day. She was just standing on the side of the road like she didn't know what to do. I think she had just been dumped, as there weren't any homes around. We pulled up beside her. I told Pilar to go around to the back of the car to distract her while I grabbed her. I grabbed her gently, as she didn't seem to pose any threat of injury to me. She tried to bite me, but didn't have the strength. I held her to my chest and stroked her head and ears as she continued to try to bite me. She quickly settled for being held and stroked, and we continued on our way.

We decided to name her Liberty Bell, Bell for short, and that Pilar would take her home, as she had the experience and medications to treat her. Liberty Bell turned into a happy, healthy puppy, and was adopted by a woman who lives in Tegucigalpa.

Liberty Bell, before-after (with Pilar)

Bruno was found during a rainstorm-it appeared he had been abandoned; he didn't look well-cared for and he was very nervous of people. But that quickly changed (picture 2).

Bruno before

Bruno, before-after

Pilar's fellow rescuer, Guillermo, and his son had been feeding Zorro off and on for a few months. He was living on the street with many other dogs in Sta. Lucia, about 1/2 hour from Tegucigalpa. Pilar and Guillermo decided it was time to get Zorro some better care, so they brought him back to the HHHH sanctuary. He had been severely malnourished, dehydrated, he had loads of ticks and severe anemia. He was neutered after he recovered his strength (photo 4, Zorro's after photo).

Zorro, when he was living on the street

Zorro, getting some food from Pilar and Guillermo

Zorro, life on the street was tough

Zorro, 3 weeks after rescue

Here are more before-after pictures (and other dogs that HHHH rescued). AKI donors cover the costs of vet care, cat and dog food, spay/neuter, sanctuary renovations, and more! Your donation can help change more before pictures into after pictures. DONATE TO HHHH!

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