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How your donations helped the Uganda SPCA: March-June 2018

Your donations cover about 50% of the Uganda SPCA shelter's operating costs--these are the costs to keep the Uganda SPCA shelter, The Haven...well....operating! Here's what that actually means for the USPCA's bottomline:

From March to June, your donations paid for:

Feeding 25 dogs @$1 per day for 60 days

Feeding 20 dogs @$1 per day for 40 days

(posho, meat, mince, bones

Feeding puppies/kittens special food for 3 months March to May

(silver fish, rice, milk)

Rent for months of April and May

Transport for rescues and for home visits to check on adopted animals for 3 months, March to May:

Nakawa, Makindye, Lubowa, Setta, Entebbe, Kikaaya, Kampala, Kawempe, Gayaza,Munyonyo, Garuga, Makerere

Firewood for 3 months, March to May, to cook food for dogs

Electricity for 3 months, March to May

Medicine for 3 months, March to May:

  • Rabies vaccines

  • DHPPIL vaccines

  • Parvo vaccines

  • Syringes 2ml

  • Dog shampoo

  • Drontal

  • etc.

Cat litter for 3 months, March to May

Salaries, Alex supplement salary, March 2018 to June 2018

Alex Bonus, June 2018

Thank you, AKI donors, this-above-is such good news. But the best news is that so many of the cats and dogs that have been rescued, rehabilitated, and socialized, thanks to your donations, have been adopted! Here are some of the April 2018 adoptees and their new families.

And here are some of the June adoptees and their families, more cats and dogs that benefited from our generous AKI donors!

Please become an AKI-Uganda SPCA Supporter, your donations mean the world to us:

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