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The 6 Freedoms-Ghana, June 2023: horses need your help

While Ulla, the founder & director of The Six Freedoms, is recovering from a bad case of malaria, "the two Evas" are caring for the rescued horses and overseeing the organization. We are so grateful that they are so capable and willing to help--of course, both Eva L and Eva I are 100% "horse people," so we didn't expect otherwise!

Currently, The 6 Freedoms is caring for 11 rescued horses. But they rely on Animal-Kind International to pay for their food and overall care. And we rely on you, our supporters, for the donations to do this.

Seven horses are staying in Kokrobite, Ghana at Kingdom Stables, where Eva I is watching over them: Lady, Saza, Anas, Arrowboy, Shoeshine, Boga, and Pablo. Four horses are staying at Eva L's ranch in Asafo: Mr Key, Goodnews, Medina, and Sunrise.

Please read their stories below and then please consider a donation so that The 6 Freedoms can continue to get the best care to these deserving and in-need horses.


This is Arrowboy. He's about 10 years old, and although still fighting wounds, he is doing so much better than he was in 2021 when The 6 Freedoms rescued him.

rescued horse

This was Arrowboy when he was rescued and brought to Kingdom Stables in Kokrobite. He was covered with open abscesses from an unprofessionally given injection, a common problem in Ghana, where training in horse care can be less than ideal.

condition of a horse who was rescued
Arrowboy in 2021: The 6 Freedoms treated the open abscesses. He is so much better, but wounds still remain, even now.

This is Saza now, about 6 years old.

rescued horse

This is Saza when The 6 Freedoms rescued her in 2021. She had been tied up at the stable where she lived and something happened, we don't know what, but the rope that was used to tie her got caught and strangled her. That's when The 6 Freedoms got involved and took her to Kingdom Stables, where she could recover and no longer be tied up all day--like too many horses in Ghana still are.

horse before rescue
Saza was strangled by a rope that was used to tie her
horse after rescue
Saza at Kingdom Stables, being treated for injuries

This is Boga; he's about 7 years old.


Boga was also rescued after he developed open abscesses from an unprofessionally given injection. He was severely underweight too.

horse in poor condition before rescue
Boga when rescued

Pablo is 3 years old. He's the youngest of The 6 Freedom's horses at Kingdom Stables.

rescued horse (after picture)

This is Pablo when he was rescued. He had a severe case of eczema that was so difficult to get under control. The most promising treatment was a natural salve from Europe, which was the only thing that ended up helping Pablo.

Pablo when rescued-with eczema

Lady is 7 years old. She was rescued and brought to Kingdom Stables in 2022. This is Lady with groom Wisdom, who works with The 6 Freedoms.

horse and her groom
Wisdom with Lady-2022

This is Lady before she was rescued and brought to Kingdom Stables.

Lady when rescued. Although she looks to be in good shape, she was undernourished and tied up all day to one spot.

We don't know how old Anas is. When she was rescued in 2022, she was infested with external parasites. The 6 Freedoms treated her with Amitraz, which was applied very carefully, under the advice of a vet since Amitraz can be toxic to horses if incorrectly dosed.

horse rescued
Anas after she was rescued, but still underweight-2022.

Ulla and The 6 Freedoms had their eyes on Shoeshine since 2019, but it wasn't until 2021 that Shoeshine was rescued. He was another horse rescued after an accident and resultant injuries due to being tied with a rope all day to one spot.

horse after photo
horse in bad condition before rescue
Shoeshine, 2019: Ulla advised his caretakers, trying to improve the care they gave, but that just didn't work. He doesn't look like the same horse as above!

Although The 6 Freedoms can't save every horse they rescue, they have a very good track record. Only Queen and Sharon (see below) have had to be euthanized. Until Zordt. The 6 Freedoms did all they could, but they just couldn't save him. This picture was taken just before he died.

horse in bad shape
Zordt: Although The 6 Freedoms did all they could for him, they couldn't save Zordt

The 6 Freedoms keeps four horses at Eva L's ranch in Asafo.

Mr Key, whose story we told here, is about 8 years old and was rescued at the race course in Accra in 2021.

Goodnews, a 2 1/2 year old mare, was rescued in 2020 with her mother Queen from Ridge Hospital area in Accra. Queen had to be put down in May 2022 due to chronic pain. We told their story here.

2 horses at Asafo ranch
Mr Key on the left, Goodnews on the right-NOW

Medina Spirit, a one year old colt, was also born to Queen.

2 rescued horses at Eva's ranch
Goodnews on the left, Medina on the right

Sunrise, was born to mama Sharon, who had to be put down after about a year, when treating her injuries, mainly to her legs and hooves, just never rid her of the pain and wounds. Her story is here.

Born June 18, 2022 at Eva L's ranch (Sharon arrived there pregnant, as did Queen), happy 1st birthday to Sunrise! Watch the fun Sunrise has at her home at Eva L's ranch:

Thank you for helping The 6 Freedoms and their 11 rescue horses-and for helping The 6 Freedoms train horse caretakers, develop a group of advocates for better horse care, and raise awareness among Ghanaians, young and old, about the beauty of horses.

Some day, Ulla and The 6 Freedoms hope to have their own rescue ranch, where school kids, vets, horse caretakers, and owners can visit to learn more about horses. We hope you'll help us help them reach this goal!


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