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AKI Partner Organization-Tanzania Animal Welfare Society (TAWESO)

AKI's Partnership with Tanzania Animal Welfare Society

AKI supports TAWESO's Donkey Welfare Programme. With AKI funds, TAWESO holds donkey clinics, providing vet care to working donkeys; educating donkey owners about good donkey care; and teaching humane harness making.


TAWESO's Founder & Director, Dr. Thomas Kahema ( picture lower right), explained that, "The AKI partnership will help us to have a great positive influence on the welfare of animals which are in need in the country.

The situation for animals is terrible as most people are poor and the animals are in distress, to some extent the food animals are considered by their owners but majority of the dogs, cats, and working donkeys live in agony.

11 donkey clinic.jpg

AKI’s partnership will help us to change peoples’ behaviour towards building more compassionate and kindness to animals and also reach many more of the neglected animals in the country."

​TAWESO was registered in Tanzania in 2008 with the aim of promoting animal welfare country-wide to companion, working, and farm animals.  TAWESO is run by a group of dedicated veterinarians, teachers, and others who care about animals. 


Why is AKI support designated specifically to TAWESO's Donkey Welfare Programme?

Because we want to help address Dr. Thomas's concerns about working donkeys: "The working donkeys in rural areas are not treated and when they are terminally sick they are left to die on their own in bushes or eaten by hyenas leaving alone that they are overworked, overloaded, and beaten and have many wounds. 


All of it came because of compassion as the animals feel pain and need to be cared regardless the owner is financially able or not."

Pictures top : Humane harness making workshop  Bottom  TAWESO Donkey Clinics

Where Did Your Donations Go?
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TAWESO Updates from the AKI Blog

More about Tanzania Animal Welfare Society

TAWESO’s Donkey Welfare Programme raises awareness of humane donkey care and handling, and provides basic veterinary treatment for working donkeys.


Tina and Emily, two vets who volunteered with TAWESO, described their experience: "Donkeys were mainly brought to us for de-worming, but presented with a number of concurrent complaints, all of which involved wounds across the withers and backs from poor harnessing. All working donkeys had evidence of chronic skin changes and a significant proportion had ulcers.

One particular case had a large abscess measuring ~10cm in diameter!  Whilst donkeys are a necessity to the villagers, veterinary care, attention to injuries and rest of affected animals is overlooked. TAWESO addresses this mindset through organized community meetings to educate donkey owners, not just about care of their donkeys and the provision of this care, but their perceived value and the importance of healthy, happy donkeys: Mtunze Punda Akutunze” (Take care of the donkey and the donkey will take care of you.)

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