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Animal-Kind International raises much-needed funds for our Partner Animal Welfare, Rescue, and Protection Organizations. Our Partners in resource-poor countries:


  • Operate animal shelters;

  • Rescue animals from the street and from cruelty situations;

  • Rehabilitate them and re-home them;

  • Provide vet care, including spay/neuter, for pets of impoverished families and for street dogs and cats;

  • Help working and abandoned donkeys and horses; and

  • Through formal humane education in schools and communities, as well as by example, change attitudes and behaviors towards all animals.


Our Partners are dedicated, local organizations, changing the animal at a time, one day at a time.


We've chosen our Partners carefully:


  • They are organizations we know well and have worked directly with;

  • They have agreed to AKI's requirements for transparency and accountability; and of course,

  • They are doing the lifesaving work that we all so value.


Get to know our Partners by reading our newsletters, the AKI Blog, and here on the AKI website. Once you see what they're doing to help animals, we're sure you'll want to help them too!

Jan 7 kittens

The Problem We Address:

Animal welfare, rescue, and protection organizations in poor countries compete for extremely limited resources with so many other causes, raising funds internally—from government, individuals, and businesses—doesn't meet the needs. In most of the countries where we work, the animal welfare cause is just gaining momentum, but still is a very low priority (we're trying to change that!) To give animals a voice in poor countries, animal welfare organizations have to look beyond their borders for funding. That's where you and AKI come in!

We believe that strengthening existing, local animal rescue and protection organizations is the key to improving the world for animals.


Animal-Kind International raises much-needed funds for our partner Animal Welfare, Rescue, and Protection Organizations. Donate to AKI if you want to help:

  • Animals beyond your borders.

  • Animals in parts of the world where your donation really makes a difference.

  • Effective animal rescue and protection organizations, whose only constraint is limited funding: grants, foundations, and a realm of other programs available to animal welfare organizations in many wealthier countries are not available to animal welfare organizations in Africa and other resource-poor regions.

We subscribe to the One Health concept, a collaborative, multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary approach — working at the local, regional, national, and global levels — with the goal of achieving optimal health outcomes recognizing the interconnection between people, animals, plants, and their shared environment.  While working within this framework, our specific focus is animal welfare.

Read what people are saying about AKI

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Animal-Kind International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in the U.S. state of New Mexico. For US taxpayers, donations to AKI are tax deductible to the extent the law allows.

Rachel Kabue from Nairobi Feline Sanctuary (an Africa-Based Animal Welfare Organization Grantee in 2020 and 2021): I was thinking about you yesterday and feeling so grateful for the wonderful foundation you helped us build. We are now at 350 cats and more importantly, we are now cage free! We have also been featured twice in two major papers. This has helped us educate the public about animal welfare. We also started a children's education and open program and it's doing well so far. The adults attending learn a lot too. Thanks once again for your help, we couldn't have gotten this far without Animal-Kind International.

Geesche with Have A Heart-Mobile (above), an AKI Partner:

Everybody at Have a Heart and all the cats and dogs say THANK YOU x 1000 to Animal-Kind International!  Thank you so much for the great financial support! A lot of dogs and cats would have not been spayed or neutered, dewormed and vaccinated (they all survived the distemper outbreak!) and not one dog would have got a dog house without AKI and the great people supporting it! THANK YOU!  And I also want to say thank you for all the moral support! Thank you for always having an open ear when I needed help or just someone to "talk" to.  Animal-Kind International is the best!


Sandra with Mbwa wa Africa, Tanzania, an ex-AKI partner:

AKI is the only organization who is supporting our shelter work! They help paying the bills for food, staff and all utilities which makes the life for our animals safe and comfortable! Without the MWA shelter, many dogs couldn't be helped. We would have no facility to care for injured street - or village dogs (which normally belong to poor Tanzanian families), we couldn't raise orphaned puppies and kittens and our K9 residents, who are often sick, handicapped, old or too scared to get adopted, would have no home. So here's a BIG Thank you to Karen, AKI and all their supporters!

​Pilar with Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras, an AKI partner:

Animal-Kind International has consistently supported Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras. AKI helps not only with financial support to treat, vaccinate and spay/neuter abandoned, sick and injured dogs and cats, they also help with food, construction, and paying people to help with the cleaning and upkeep of the shelter. Knowing they are there to support and give advice is a big plus in a country with little regard for animals left to die on the streets. They respond quickly to any inquiries made by tourists about animal welfare here.


Deborah with Kingston Community Animal Welfare, an AKI partner:

If animals in Kingston Jamaica could talk they would pick up a phone and call Karen Menczer to say THANKS FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS! And.. IF they could get visas, she would have thousands and thousands of grateful dogs, cats, goats and every other 4-legged animal at her door to hug and kiss her! Animal-Kind International is wonderful, simply wonderful....we won't forget her, ever.


Brigitte with Uganda Society for the Protection & Care of Animals, an AKI partner:

Without all your [AKI] support and donors, I am not sure if the USPCA would still exist today!

Animal-Kind International’s Core Values

Our core values influence all we do:

• We believe that animal welfare has no boundaries.

• We believe that improving the conditions for animals goes hand in hand with improving the conditions for people in our AKI partner countries.

• In all we do, we show respect and understanding for the human community because we understand that working in animal welfare in AKI countries means working with the people who so rely on their animals.

• We believe that our partners are best positioned to decide on their strategy and activities, and on how to use their funds. We do not dictate; our role is to oversee the use of AKI funds to ensure they are used wisely for animal welfare purposes.

Animal-Kind International’s Strategy for Forming Partnerships with Organizations in Resource Poor Countries

AKI has high standards for the organizations we choose to form partnerships with. We look for these attributes in our partners:

  • Local: We partner with organizations that are rooted in the local culture, either founded by local people or longtime residents, who respect the local culture and work within its norms to improve conditions for animals in their country.

  • Community based: We partner with organizations that work at community level, and work mainly from bottom-up because we believe that lasting change happens when local people are behind it and advocate for it.

  • Sustainable: We partner with organizations who use funds efficiently and effectively, have programs that are worthy of broad support from the international community, and whose work has the potential to bring about lasting changes in their countries.


Animal-Kind International’s Strategy for Ensuring our Integrity and Sustainability

  • Due diligence: We conduct ongoing due diligence of our Partners to ensure that funds, supplies, and other support is used solely to further animal welfare. Due diligence includes regular reports and receipts from our partners and site visits by the Board and our network of supporters, in conjunction with other work that takes us to AKI Partner Organization countries (this is at no cost to AKI).

  • Minimize overhead, maximize contributions: We conduct our business with minimum overhead, and to this end, currently we provide 100% of donations to our Partners (donations may only to be used for overhead costs if a donor states so); and we will avoid bank fees and high postage costs by sending funds and supplies with our network of supporters and by using other low/no cost and secure means.

  • Grow slowly and smartly: Although there are many worthy organizations, AKI will only add Partners to the AKI network based on the AKI budget, while not compromising our due diligence and support of existing Partners.

  • Communicate widely: We will communicate with AKI Partners on a regular basis so we remain aware of and updated on their activities. We will communicate with our donors on a regular basis so that they are aware of how their funds are used, and so that they truly become partners in AKI’s global animal welfare efforts. We will communicate with the media, the animal welfare community, and others to spread the word about the great work that our AKI partners are doing.