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At Twala Trust in Zimbawe Africa kids receive dog food to take home for their dogs.

Sarah with Twala Trust-Zimbabwe, a 2022 and 2023 recipient of our Africa-Based Animal Welfare Organization Grant Program and now a Partner Organization:

"The gratitude we all feel for this generous support is immense - it has provided so many dogs with nutritious food, and has been a tremendous relief to us to be able to feed the dogs as they need, and deserve. The happiness and positive outcomes of our Doggy Tuesday programme are so important to our community, both the people who rely on their dogs for security and companionship, and for the beautiful dogs themselves who despite their hard rural lives are always such a delight to see with their tails wagging in anticipation as they head down the road for their weekly feast. Thank you for Animal-Kind and all that you achieve; it is truly the most inspiring organisation making a genuine difference on the ground." (Sarah, 2022)

Photo Above: Doggy Tuesday at the Twala Trust Sanctuary. Every Tuesday, Twala Trust welcomes about 600 dogs belonging to people in the local community. All dogs get a healthy helping of food along with some take-home goodies. Basic veterinary care is provided, and when more advanced care or spay/neuter is needed, arrangements are made for free vet care.

Reni van der Merwe (Bubu's Animal Haven-Namibia, a 2023 AKI Grantee): Thank you to everybody at Animal-Kind International. I am very proud and I think we all together did a great job! It became even better, nicer and bigger as what I was expecting. It is a little cat paradise and I hope that you might be able to come and visit, and see it with your own eyes.

Rachel Kabue with Nairobi Feline Sanctuary, an Africa-Based Animal Welfare Organization Grantee in 2020 and 2021:

"I was thinking about you yesterday and feeling so grateful for the wonderful foundation you helped us build. We are now at 350 cats and more importantly, we are now cage free! We have also been featured twice in two major papers. This has helped us educate the public about animal welfare. We also started a children's education and open program and it's doing well so far. The adults attending learn a lot too. Thanks once again for your help, we couldn't have gotten this far without Animal-Kind International."

Michelle, Chairperson, SPCA-Grahamstown, a 2022 and 2023 AKI Grant Program recipient:

"Attached please find our final report for the "Who Let the Dogs Out" project. It has been a long road, but the end result is just fantastic and we will forever be indebted to AKI and its supporters for their generosity and kindness. It is incredible to see the work that AKI is involved with and the reach that you have globally - including Grahamstown


AKI Supporter, Marian:

" is a movement and that's what we need, everywhere. Normalising a love and respect for our fellow creatures. Making them very visible in a positive way. Paterne [Sauvons nos Animaux] is brilliant! Please thank him from me. And so is AKI - thank you for all the amazing work you do in so many countries."

AKI Supporter, Maureen:

"To think that each and everyone of them was abused and viewed as garbage is heartbreaking. But because of AKI so many of these amazing creatures are getting saved and the people are learning to respect their animals more. I am very respectful of the work AKI does!"

Valerie with Lakes Animal Friendship Society, Canada:

"Oh my GOSH - what you do is outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND, oh my GOODNESS, it was fantastic to see LAFS mentioned in your incredible newsletter amongst ALL the outstanding things you guys do!"

Pilar with Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras, an AKI Partner:

Animal-Kind International has consistently supported Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras. AKI helps not only with financial support to treat, vaccinate and spay/neuter abandoned, sick and injured dogs and cats, they also help with food, construction, and paying people to help with the cleaning and upkeep of the shelter. Knowing they are there to support and give advice is a big plus in a country with little regard for animals left to die on the streets. They respond quickly to any inquiries made by tourists about animal welfare here.


Deborah with Kingston Community Animal Welfare, an AKI Partner:

"If animals in Kingston Jamaica could talk they would pick up a phone and call Karen Menczer to say THANKS FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS! And.. IF they could get visas, she would have thousands and thousands of grateful dogs, cats, goats and every other 4-legged animal at her door to hug and kiss her! Animal-Kind International is wonderful, simply wonderful....we won't forget her, ever."


Brigitte with Uganda Society for the Protection & Care of Animals, an AKI Partner:

"Without all your [AKI] support and donors, I am not sure if the USPCA would still exist today!"

Geesche with Have A Heart-Namibia, an AKI Partner:

"Thank you AKI for making it possible for Dr Erna to help Layla! Without the AKI Emergency Fund, Layla's future would have looked different. She was homeless and alone when she needed help most, but because Dr Erna knew the AKI Emergency Fund would cover Layla's medical expenses, she was able to operate on her, save her life. THANK YOU AKI AND SUPPORTERS! Here the saying 'helping one dog won't change the world but the world will change for this one dog' definitely fits!"

Edu Paw, Cape Town, South Africa:

"Hero in my Hood received a grant from Animal-Kind International for educational material and we were so privileged and excited to hear that Edu Paw would be one of the recipients. We have been using the Activity Books for some time now and are thrilled to receive and see these amazing colouring books for the first time. Every page contains a lesson in proper Canine Care. Thank you Hero in my Hood story activity books and Animal-Kind International. We are so grateful. The kids enjoy the fun activities and will benefit further as we take them on a learning journey through these beautifully illustrated colouring books."

Dr Rumbi, previous Botswana SPCA veterinarian, a 2022 AKI Grant Program recipient:

"Thank you so much for the work you are doing. It has such a positive impact not just in the communities that end up receiving help but also for the organisations that receive the grants. I have been at the BSPCA for 2 years and it was really awesome to be part of this project. It was truly motivating to see the staff working together for this cause and I am really glad we managed to complete the grant successfully."

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