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AKI Partner Organization-Ghana Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (GSPCA)

​AKI's Partnership with Ghana Society for the Protection and Care of Animals

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Humane Ed at NL 7

GSPCA's main focus is Humane Education. Since 2004, GSPCA has provided Humane Ed in Ghana's schools, reaching about 500 students every semester, and since its start, the HE Program has reached many 1000s.


How does it work? 

GSPCA volunteers, David (left top) and Aluizah (left), visit schools and discuss the HE Program with school administrators to obtain permission to hold the program at the school. Then they work with the staff to identify 1 to 2 teacher leaders, and they mentor the teachers over the 8-week program.

​HE students form Kindness Clubs and through these clubs, the HE Program continues on, even when the formal HE Program is over. The Kindness Clubs sponsor projects (e.g., rabies clinics, awareness days, World Animal Day events) with the help of David and Aluizah and the HE teachers.

GSPCA and AKI have been partners since 2007.  Thanks to your donations to AKI, we've supported photocopying of the Animal Welfare Manual at US$3/manual (every HE student gets his/her own manual to keep forever), transport to/from schools so that David and Aluizah  can work on start-up of the HE Program and can mentor HE teachers, small stipends for HE teachers, and the most popular HE activity- field trips.


With donations from AKI, GSPCA has taken HE students on 4 to 6 field trips/year since 2014 (except for 2020 and 2021 due to covid restrictions). They've visited vet clinics, wildlife sanctuaries, and the University of Accra's Livestock Research Center (one of the focus areas is humane livestock raising). 


Field trips are often the 1st and only opportunity for these students to see their country's wildlife, meet a small animal vet, and learn first hand about good cat and dog care. 

For about 70 school children, a field trip costs about US$300-400 (funds are used to organize the trip, for bus rental, small stipends for HE teachers who accompany the students, and snacks).

Pictures  right: GSPCA field trips (pictures 1-4); students pose with their Animal Welfare Manuals (picture 5); Aluizah, leading an HE session, a very enthusiastic teacher (picture 6); World Animal Day procession (picture 7); David leads a group of students during World Animal Day (picture 8); Aluizah presents an end of year certificate to Humane Ed teacher, Nana (picture 9).

Where Did Your Donations Go?

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GSPCA pie chart full 2019
Ghana SPCA pie chart 2018

GSPCA Updates from the AKI Blog

GSPCA Videos

This Ghana SPCA video, filmed by Aluizah Amasaba Abdul Yakeen, GSPCA Humane Educator, is of the Zebilla Community Donkey and Dog Vet Clinic, the 1st ever vet clinic in Zebilla, in the far north of Ghana-made possible thanks to AKI donors! After completing the Humane Ed session, the students formed an Animal Kindness Club and club members organized this clinic.

Aluizah created this video of the November 2018 GSPCA-hosted, AKI-funded field trip to the Accra Polo Club. For the 1st time, GSPCA Humane Education students saw horses up close, touched horses, and the braver among them washed and groomed horses. They learned about good horse care and about professions that involve horses. 

GSPCA took Humane Ed students from 2 schools on a field trip to LEMLA Vet Clinic in July 2017. This is the 1st opportunity for most of the students to pet dogs (especially small, fuzzy dogs), learn about what vets and vet techs do, and to experience an atmosphere where everyone sincerely cares for cats and dogs. (Video credit: Aluizah Amasaba)

With AKI funding, Ghana SPCA took Humane Ed students  on a field trip to La Vet clinic. Students were given a tour of the facility, learned about vet care and saw firsthand what vets do--including surgery, de-worming, and other animal care. Going to a vet clinic with their pet is not an experience that most Ghanaians have--especially a first-rate clinic like La Vet. (Video credit: Aluizah Amasaba)

A Ghana SPCA Kindness Club -the Zebra Kindness Club- at Trust Academy votes for officers. Watch as the Humane Education students tell their colleagues why they are the best candidate! (GSPCA's Humane Ed students form Kindness Clubs, after-school clubs that continue the lessons learned in Humane Ed sessions.)

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