AKI's Africa-Based Animal Welfare Organization Grant Program-2021

We've selected our 1st five grant recipients for 2021 (we'll announce the remaining grant recipients on August 2): Nairobi Feline Sanctuary, Sauvons nos Animaux (Congo), Horse Safety (Ghana), Tikobane Trust + Humane Africa Trust (Zimbabwe), and Welfare for Animals Guild Rwanda.

Our Grant Program reaches worthy Africa-based organizations, beyond our 11 Partner Organizations and supports them to implement high impact projects aimed at improving the lives of domestic animals. This is the 4th year that we've been able to hold the only grant program that specifically targets animal welfare organizations in Africa!


Our 9 2020 grant recipients can be found here. They work in Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo (2 grantees), Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. They include 3 projects that will help donkeys and 6 that focus on cat and dog welfare.


Our 8 2019 grant recipients can be found here.


Our 8 2018 grant recipients can be found here.



​​For our supporters: All grants are funded by our donors. Our current budget allows us to support up to four grants. We hope we can count on your donation so that we can fund even more. This year we received 52 proposals, the most we've ever received (last year, we received 50).


If you would like to donate for a grant in a specific country or for a specific grant type (spay/neuter, cats, donkeys, etc.), please contact me here or donate here and write a note to let us know your preferences.

We've put together an external evaluation committee with wide ranging animal welfare expertise to help make sure we select the best, high impact proposals. The AKI Board makes final selections based on input from the external reviewers. 

Note: All applicants were required to include information about how their proposals will be covid-19 compliant.