Richard & me at All Creatures
Robert & Peace 3
Student led community work
Student led awareness raising
March Ella at the vet
June Samson and Jean in his new home
Amrahia Basic School Humane Education test-7
March dog with maggot infested ear -his saviors 2
July North Legon HE lessons-7
June Toffee is 1 of 3 street dogs sterilized at the clinic-want to find homes for them

Animal-Kind International | Annual Reports

AKI 2021 Annual Report

AKI’s main programs are (1) support for our Partner Organizations, (2) the AKI Africa-Based Animal Welfare Organization Grant Program, and (3) Friendly Audits.


Our 2021 Annual Report focuses on these three AKI programs, describes how funds were used during 2021 by our supported organizations, and highlights key achievements. 


click here to read the 2021 Annual Report

2021 designated donations not inc uspca land.png

*Special Projects: Sauvons nos Animaux cattery repair and food for shelter animals; Save Animals-DR Congo Kinshasa Zoo Project; additional support to grantees

2021 designated donations with uspca land-2.png