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Animal-Kind International | Annual Reports

AKI 2023 Annual Report

AKI’s main programs are (1) support for our Partner Organizations, (2) the AKI Africa-Based Animal Welfare Organization Grant Program, and (3) Friendly Audits.


Our 2023 Annual Report focuses on these three AKI programs, describes how our supported organizations used your donations during 2023, highlights key achievements, and describes other AKI efforts to keep our supporters updated about AKI, our Partners and Grantees. 


Click here to read our 2023 Annual Report.

2023 designated donations .png

Note 1: Start at the top, yellow shade, move clockwise-the Partner Organizations to the left will match up with the % as you move around the circle.

Note 2: 0% doesn't necessarily mean 0 dollars in designated donations; instead it means that based on the full amount of donations, 0% = "undetectable," a very low percentage of the whole.

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