AKI Partner Organizations in Namibia

AKI's Partner Organizations in Namibia

​We began our partnership with Have-a-Heart (HaH)-Namibia in 2016, when HaH started Namibia's first mobile spay/neuter service. Namibia covers a large, sparsely populated area, much of it extremely poor.  The s/n clinic traveled to areas where there's no accessible vet care and AKI supported s/n clinics in remote towns. Since then, HaH-Namibia has expanded and now provides s/n and other vet care. Based on HaH's funding gaps and their needs, we now support an AKI-HaH Emergency Fund and HaH's Lifetime Care Program, which provides booster shots and anti-parasite treatments for all s/n clients--for life.

In 2022, with AKI funding, 250 dogs and 26 cats were given boosters and parasite prevention as part of the HaH Lifetime Care Program. The AKI-HaH Emergency Fund helped 50 dogs and 32 cats.  (See AKI Blog posts below for their stories.)


​The Katutura Pet Care & Feeding Project, an initiative started by  Erika (picture below at the SPCA in Windhoek) and other animal welfare volunteers, is also an AKI Partner. Katutura is a sprawling township outside of Windhoek, with a high incidence of animal cruelty and no accessible (affordable/readily available) vet care.

Erika's team visits Katutura monthly (pre-covid lockdowns), where they de-worm cats and dogs, provide flea/tick and mange treatment, treat wounds, bring dog and cat food and also bake dog cookies, and they bring treats for the children too. When funds are available, they arrange for animals to be spayed.

From Karen, AKI Founder & Director: I met Erika in 2008 when I spent 8 months in Namibia and on weekends we both walked dogs at the Windhoek SPCA. Erika is from Namibia, volunteered at the Windhoek SPCA for many years, and served on their executive committee. While walking the shelter dogs, we forged a partnership to help animals in under-served parts of Namibia

Where Did Your Donations Go? (in 2021, Katutura Pet Care was inactive due to covid)
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Namibia pie chart 2020

Namibia Updates from the AKI Blog

Katutura Pet Care Project (1st row) & HaH-Namibia (2nd row)

Katutura Team
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Katutura Pet Care Project
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Visiting Katutura in September
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Katutura Pet Care
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Trixie at the vet-broken leg
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Trixie returns home
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Dog named Sure at the vet clinic
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Kitzie was hit by a car-recovered
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Broken leg-Emergency Fund
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