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Okahandja SPCA

Through Erika, AKI sent our first ever disbursement to Okahandja SPCA during 2014, and received this kind thank you note:


Dear Erika, Here with acknowledgement of the money received. We have placed an order for tick and flea collars with Protrade in Windhoek and for a pallet of dog food. We will use your contribution towards the payment, but I will keep you posted. Thank you seems such a small word but for animals like Sally, it goes a long way and on behalf of all of the "Sallies," I would like to thank you for your support, help and financial contributions and emotional support because without donors and supporters we will not be able to function or help animals in need. Warm greetings and furry hugs, SPCA Okahandja - Chairperson Chantal


Sally Update: 5 months after Sally was found roaming the streets of Okahandja, she's now a healthy, happy 4 year old, thanks to Okahandja SPCA, click on the photos.

This is some of the infrastructure that Okahandja SPCA is hoping to renovate as they upgrade their facility. The plan is to allow cats to move around freely in a larger space, possibly welding 2 kennels together (the yellow and the silver) and then making the white kennels into the quarantine facility.

About Okahandja SPCA

Okahandja SPCA was founded on 27 March 2014 and is an animal welfare organization for all animals. They are a nonprofit organization, dependent on donations from the public.


The SPCA has made a request to the Okahandja Municipality for a piece of land on which to build kennels. In the meantime, the State Vet, Dr. Beate Voigts, has kindly allowed the SPCA to put up temporary cages to house the dogs and cats currently under the SPCA's care.


One of the first dogs to benefit from the work of the Okahandja SPCA was Miley. She was found nursing her 4 puppies when they were only about 4 weeks old. She's been nursed to health by the Okahandja SPCA and ready for adoption.

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