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A girl with her pet cat both very happy in Liberia Africa.
Cats who received veterinary care through our support to Have a Heart Namibia and their rescue and p
The animal rescue and protection organization in Congo with staff and volunteers.
Two children in Uganda Africa helping with rescue and protection of animals.
A dog in Kingston Jamaica getting veterinary care funded by Animal Kind International.
Ssuna Richard and Karen Menczer at Creatures animal shelter in Malawi Africa.

Animal-Kind International | Relazione annuale

Rapporto annuale AKI 2021

I principali programmi di AKI sono (1) il supporto per le nostre organizzazioni partner, (2) il programma di sovvenzioni dell'organizzazione per il benessere degli animali con sede in Africa AKI e (3) audit amichevoli.


Il nostro rapporto annuale 2021 si concentra su questi tre programmi AKI, descrive come i fondi sono stati utilizzati nel 2021 dalle nostre organizzazioni supportate ed evidenzia i risultati chiave raggiunti.  


clicca qui per leggere il Bilancio 2021


Pie chart showing how in 2023 how our donors designated their donations to Africa and Latin America and Caribbean animal rescue organizations..

Note 1: Start at the top, yellow shade, move clockwise-the Partner Organizations to the left will match up with the % as you move around the circle.

Note 2: 0% doesn't necessarily mean 0 dollars in designated donations; instead it means that based on the full amount of donations, 0% = "undetectable," a very low percentage of the whole.

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