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Liberia AWCS-Humane Ed, Clinics, & Happy Dogs

Here's what our Partner Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society has been up to these past few months thanks to funding from our AKI supporters.

LAWCS has been sponsoring a Humane Education Program in 10 schools in Zorzor District. LAWCS Humane Educator, Alex Kamara, is assigned to Zorzor District, where he visits 2 schools every day to conduct fun and interactive education programs with the students. Together they discuss the plight of all animals--dogs, cats, donkeys, wildlife--and they discuss steps they can take to improve the welfare and health of animals at their own homes, in their community, and in the surrounding environment.

kids learning about animals
Humane ed class in Zorzor District

learning about animals
The students have fun while they're learning in humane ed classes

learning about animals
Using stuffed animals to learn about real animals is less threatening.

Wondering if these humane ed lessons have real world impact? We know they do!

Favor has been participating in the LAWCS Humane Education Program and says that she loves animals. She persuaded her family to adopt a dog, promising that she would take care of the new pet. Her family found this lovely puppy and brought him home. She named him Telee. Favor has learned compassion for animals from humane ed lessons, and Telee has taught her about taking responsibility and caring for an animal.

girl and her dog
Favor with her dog, Telee: best friends!

This is Alice and her pet dog, Good Friend. In the LAWCS humane ed lessons, Alice learned that a dog (and a cat) can be your best friend. She's put that into practice, not only when she decided on the name for her new best friend, but also in their day-to-day activities, when they do many things together.

girl and her dog
Alice with her dog, Good Friend: happy together!

With AKI support, LAWCS is also continuing their animal health care clinics in remote parts of Lofa County. The LAWCS Health Care Officer, Abie, travels daily throughout rural Lofa County, holding clinics wherever he goes.

In June, LAWCS provided free basic health care to a whopping 1,115 dogs and cats. Their services include rabies and parvo vaccinations, deworming, tick and flea control, mange treatment, wound care, ear and eye care. The treatment always goes along with animal welfare education for the owners of the animals, which focuses on the basic needs of dogs and cats-love, daily care, veterinary care, balanced diets, proper shelter, fresh water.

A LAWCS Animal Health Care Clinic: June

dog and owner
A clinic participant: health care for the dog, training for the owner

In July, LAWCS provided basic health care for 912 dogs and 10 cats in just two weeks!

LAWCS's services are provided in remote communities that have never had access to animal health care.

animal care clinic
July clinic: Abie is preparing a vaccination

animal healthcare clinic
Human and dog participants at a LAWCS clinic in July

animal healthcare clinic
A July health care clinic: always well attended

puppy care
Time to de-worm the puppies

You can find out much more about AKI Partner LAWCS and you can donate to support these activities here.


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