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Animal-Kind International |In Loving Memory David Pluth

David Pluth AKI
international animal welfare

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On May 22, Animal-Kind International lost a board member and a wonderful friend, David Pluth. David was so much more than that though. There were many sides to David—film maker, environmental consultant, agriculture and trade specialist, extreme climber, husky raiser and sledder, business owner, connoisseur of wines. But above all, he was a talented, creative, and caring photographer, who documented Africa’s cultures, people, wildlife, and every day scenes. He did this energetically, sensitively, and beautifully.


David was with AKI from the beginning, and with Karen, they came up with the name-Animal-Kind International-for the new organization.

David cared deeply about his art, and about human and animal kind. He loved what Animal-Kind International is doing. He remained an explorer throughout his life. Through all the tough times, he remained a kind, gentle soul.

Some of David's Amazing Photographs for an article about AKI Founder Menczer's work in Uganda for Bark Magazine. Click photo for a larger view.

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