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KCAW Eases the Lives of Kingston's Street Dogs & Cats

Kingston (Jamaica) Community Animal Welfare, founded and operated by Jamaican born and raised Deborah Binns, feeds and takes care of street dogs and cats and also helps poor people in Kingston feed and care for their pets. KCAW has been an AKI partner organization since 2007. AKI donors have made so many KCAW rescues and recoveries possible. AKI donors also provide the funds for KCAW to feed about 500 dogs and 50 cats every week and to spay/neuter hundreds of dogs and cats that live on the streets--imagine how many births and how much cruelty has been avoided! Some of rescue stories and pictures are below.

Deborah sent some information about what AKI funds have accomplished in 2014.

She told us about Charles, who is also known as “Caney” because he sells cane outside the house gate. When the owner of the house died, he was left caring for the 26 dogs that lived there! Yet he can barely feed himself. Deborah said, "This yard takes a lot of the food I buy with AKI’s donations. They were really starving and I only go twice a week, the other days I leave as much food as I can with Charles to give them until I get back there. Joan's donation of meds and de-wormers, etc. comes in handy here too!"

Donations to AKI help KCAW care for stray and injured dogs like Toots!

Kingston resident, Jenni, contacted KCAW about an injured dog hanging around her apartment complex.

After taking the dog to a vet, KCAW took on the daily care required to treat the horrific injury on her face. Deborah suspects that someone cut the dog's face with a machete.

Deborah and Jenni first named the dog Two Face, and then Two-ey, which morphed naturally into Tutti,

then they added Frutti. So she's Tutti Frutti or at times, just Toots.

KCAW reported that Tutti Frutti is just the most loving dog. At first, she had trouble eating hard food. In the attack, her jaw was damaged, so she still can't chew well.

Deborah slips Tutti Frutti "her favourite thing to eat, turkey neck, now and then."

Thanks KCAW Volunteers!

A botched amputation left this dog with a painful injury that the dog's owner ignored, refusing to allow KCAW to take the dog to a vet. Instead, KCAW volunteers visited the dog daily to change the dressing and clean the wound. The dog is doing well and KCAW volunteers continue to check up on him.

Deborah told AKI the following story about how she rescued this kitten:

"I went to visit a friend in hospital and on leaving I saw this itty bitty thing in the bottom of a garbage pan. I guess someone considered him rubbish! I drove home with him on my head. He was quite a busy little guy. His awful life sure didn’t dampen his indomitable spirit! He climbed on me from head to toe then decided he would just take a rest- atop my head. I got some funny stares from motorists. I found a very good home for him. Thanks AKI donors for funds for kitty food and litter!"

Puppies in a Bag!

A woman passing by Deborah's place handed her a plastic bag and when Deborah looked inside, she found three puppies (pictures below). The woman told Deborah she was going to throw them away, but luckily she stopped at Deborah's first. One of the pups wasn't doing too well when they arrived, but recovered with good food and care--AKI funds covered this.

Two of the puppies who were about to be "thrown away" are shown in the pictures below, as they are setting off to their new forever home. The 3rd puppy found a forever home too!

Meet Bob

From Deborah: "I found Bob by the side of the road falling down from sheer weakness. He was starving so badly he could hardly stand so when he tried to 'run away' from me it was a bit hilarious, I laughed. I said, "come here boy you know you're not going anywhere." Near to death as Bob was, he still tried to bite me, but in slow motion! LOL. It was truly sad but at the same time I was smiling from ear to ear at his vain attempt to scare me.

And...... a total stranger riding his bicycle past us stopped and helped me catch and put him in the van. I was shocked! Bob was so emaciated and skeleton looking and mangy and full of sores people tend to scorn them. I thanked him like 20 times! While I had him at my house, I had to run him down every day to get him his meds and when I released him he'd run off and hide the entire day. And that was after 2 months!"

Once brought to health (thanks to AKI donors, Deborah was able to provide healthy food, meds, and eventually to neuter Bob), Deborah found Bob a forever home!



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