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The Katutura, Namibia Animal Care Team is Making Progress!

[Note: As part of AKI's support to Namibia's rural SPCAs, through Erika von G., we provide funds for this comunity animal care initiative in Katutura, a poor sprawling township outside of Windhoek. Erika started this initiative in response to the high number of cruelty cases in Katutura that end up at the Windhoek SPCA shelter, and because of the lack of vet care or other animal care services in Katutura.]

November 2015 Visit

The Katutura Animal Care Team visited Katutura on the first Saturday of November, and I attach some photos. We are making progress.

I am always very happy when I see that that our education has reached the people.

There is an old lady who has dogs. Four of them spayed (through Have a

Heart) and one still has to be spayed. She is very anxious to have that last dog spayed.

She also has a cat, which needs to be spayed.

She brings her dogs regularly to our dipping. The dogs look good!

We will continue helping her with her dogs and cat.

These are from our November visit:

December 2015 Visit

We visited Katutura on the first Saturday in December and herewith some photos of feeding and dipping at Katutura. The woman who is standing in the photo with me and the kiddies is also an Erika who always helps me. I took some cup cakes and sweeties along for the children and they are always very grateful, just as the dogs and cats are also very grateful.


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