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Lilongwe SPCA & AKI: Looking back on our partnership

AKI added Lilongwe (Malawi) SPCA as a partner organization in January 2011. After four years as an AKI partner organization, we'll be severing our ties with Lilongwe SPCA. We have a lot of accomplishments to show for our 4 years together.

Water Tower Built with AKI Funds

One of the first projects funded with AKI donor support was this water tower at the LSPCA shelter. Dr. Ssuna Richard, LSPCA vet, wrote to AKI:

"Owing to the economic strain on the country, there have been several power outages. And

as a result, we have had a lot of problems with water for the animals. During the water

crises we had to prioritise which kennels to clean and beddings went unwashed. The little

water that we were acquiring was from the Lingadzi river, whose cleanliness is highly

doubted. All the containers including sauce pans were ferried to the river to fetch some

water. This was greatly cumbersome and time consuming."

Thanks to this water tank, LSPCA staff always have plentiful and safe water.

Cat Quarantine Kennels

At the end of 2014, LSPCA used AKI funds to modify an old structure (1st picture below) at the LSPCA facility to construct cat quarantine kennels. The quarantine location used to be in the LSPCA office (2nd picture, below). Now, all the crates have been cleared out of the office, and the office workers and the quarantined kitties are much happier!

Puppy Kennels

In June 2012, LSPCA built puppy kennels with AKI funds.

AKI received this note from Dr. Ssuna Richard:

"The puppy kennels were built and currently we have 4 puppies in them. We also have 6 more in quarantine and we did not have any reservations in rescuing the last 6 as we now have the infrastructure for hand-raising puppies thanks to Animal-Kind International."

Later, when the puppy kennels needed renovations, LSPCA used AKI funds for the repairs. LSPCA did the work in-house, using LSPCA staff, which saved a lot of money. Using AKI funds, the LSPCA also purchased nutritious puppy food and vet supplies for the puppies.

Dog Quarantine Kennels

Thanks to AKI donors, the LSPCA built quarantine kennels (photo below) for incoming shelter dogs at the end of 2011. Dr. Ssuna Richard wrote to us:

"On behalf of the Lilongwe SPCA, I would like to inform you that the AKI funds were used in the construction of the dog quarantine kennels at the LSPCA clinic. The project started in mid-

September and was completed mid-November.

The facility has a concrete floor and sheltered area that provides shade for the dogs from the elements. We now are at the beginning of the rainy season and the holding pens have

successfully kept the animals happy through the torrential rains.

With the new facility we have increased our capacity to take in animals by twenty five. This

effectively increases the capacity to thirty animals if we put the foster parents into

consideration. All animals that complete quarantine are transferred to this new facility for long term adoption or short term fostering.

On behalf of the LSPCA I would like to thank you so much for the support towards this very

important project."

Dog Kennels

AKI donors funded a portion of LSPCA's dog kennels:

Besides these infrastructure projects, AKI donor support covered rescue and care of several dogs and cats. I'll tell you some of their stories in Part 2 of my review of the AKI-LSPCA partnership.

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