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A Dog Named Stretch

[Besides using AKI funds to support spay/neuter and doghouse construction, sometimes Have A Heart-Luderitz/Aus runs into an emergency-or a heartwrenching situation-- and they know they can use AKI funds to help out. During the September 2015 AKI Spayathon, Geesche

and her team were driving around picking up dogs for the Spay Day, and in Geesche's words]:

Geesche finds Stretch

He was just walking there. I got out of the car hoping he would not run away - normally dogs in this bad stage are afraid of humans because they say the dog is ugly and chase them away or throw

stones - but when I was calling him he came to me full of trust. I was in tears, I didn't have space for him, my landlord was already complaining about my three dogs, but I couldn't leave him behind.

Stretch at the vet's office

Stretch at the vet's office

Stretch getting mange treatment

Stretch getting his 1st check up

Dr. Baines checked him and said there is nothing wrong with him, he just needs mange

treatment and he will then grow to a happy and healthy dog and before I said a word

Stretch already got his first mange injection, vitamins and de-worming, sponsored

by AKI.

Stretch going to foster home

I found a foster home for him the next day [in the picture above, he's getting a ride to his new foster home]. [The below pictures are 1 week and then 3 weeks after his 1st mange treatment.]

Before the year was over, his foster family decided to adopt him!

Stretch 1 week after 1st treatment

Stretch 3 weeks after 1st treatment

1 week after treatment

He is the sweetest and friendliest guy! I love him to bits and I'm so so so happy he found his forever family. [Pictures below: Stretch loves to ride in the car and loves to go to the beach.]

Stretch loves to ride in the car

Stretch loves the beach

White dog left KBee [way in the back of the picture], my first pick up, 4.5 years ago, because of her I started with HaH in Luderitz. Black dog Zombie, I picked him up in Luderitz two years ago, he was the skinniest dog I have seen so far. Yellow dog middle is Baxter, we picked him up last year during the May Spay Day with two broken back legs. I currently babysit him, his mommy had to go to England for a few weeks. And Stretch in the foreground.

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