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Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society: Hands-On Humane Ed

Supported by AKI, starting in January 2016, LAWCS and Ghana SPCA humane ed students have been designing, planning, and implementing projects that directly benefit animals. Once the projects are completed--by July or August--Ghana SPCA and LAWCS will organize award ceremonies-one in Liberia, one in Accra, Ghana and one in Zebilla, Ghana (also supported by AKI) to celebrate the completion of successful projects. This post describes what LAWCS humane ed students have done so far.

AKI, LAWCS, and GSPCA developed an application for Humane Education Project Funding, and in early February, Morris Darbo and Korpo Mason (now deceased-

see the AKI "In Memory of" page) visited schools in Lofa Country, where the

LAWCS humane ed program is taught, and met with each lead HE teacher to discuss the application and the process of developing and submitting a project proposal.

LAWCS left applications with the HE teachers and over the next weeks, Morris and Korpo visited their schools and HE clubs to check on the progress and to provide assistance, as needed (pictures below of humane ed groups planning their projects).

Lawalazu humane ed planning meeting

Voinjama Section 1

Voinjama Section 2

William school preparing for project

Womanor school during project planning

By February 19, we had received 12 applications from LAWCS HE clubs, and we approved them all ($100 for each club project).

Now, all LAWCS HE clubs are in the process of project implementation. On a weekly basis, LAWCS is monitoring each club’s progress.

The following are two LAWCS projects currently in progress.

Kids Connection Daycare School’s project uses the local radio station to reach

the public with humane education messages. Every week, the group has a

humane education program on the radio, focusing on a different animal protection and care topic (see pictures below).

Kids Connection HE class at the radio station

Kids Connection HE class for their weekly radio broadcast about animal care

Kids Connection HE class doing their animal care radio show

Kids Connection Humane Ed group

Voinjama Public School’s project is a rabies vaccine clinic along with awareness

raising on responsible pet ownership (see pictures below). The students conduct

weekly community awareness education by going door to door, visiting pet

owners. The students educate pet owners about the care and welfare of their

pets. This project will continue for four months, the first two months will focus on awareness and education, followed by a rabies vaccination clinic.

Voinjama club visiting their neighbors to talk about animal care

Voinjama students discussing animal care

Voinjama students promoting improved animal care

Voinjama students advocating for animals

Voinjama student club raising awareness of kindness to animals

Voinjama students raising awareness about kindness to animals

The projects will benefit so many dogs and cats, they are a wonderful learning experience for the students, and the communities will benefit by having healthier animals and empowered youth! We'll keep you updated on the other projects as they move ahead!

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