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A Note of Thanks from Namibia

Dear Animal-Kind International!

Thank you for your support during our April 2016 Spay Days in Luderitz/Aus! Your support enables us to make a big difference, positively impacting on the lives of the dogs and cats we service as well as on their owners and the whole community.

Ousi (below) is one of the 63 animals (57 dogs and 6 cats) we were able to help during the April Spay Days!

Ousi being checked before spay surgery

Ousi is one of the senior dogs we got in. We were a bit worried about her as she was tired and also she had puppies recently - all of them died. When she came in someone said she has to be put down because all her puppies die all the time. She wasn't skinny so her young owner was looking after her. Dr. Tharina checked her and said she can be spayed. I had the feeling her owner was very relieved that she gets help instead of being killed. He was staying with her until she woke up (picture below, Ousi is recovering after surgery). She got all the help we can give and I hope everybody will see how beautiful an old dog can be!

Ousie recovering after surgery

Prince's owner Sidney is such a nice guy! He showed up with Prince (picture below) and while Prince recovered from his operation, Sidney helped in the wake up area and everywhere where a hand was needed. He cleaned the dogs and had love and nice words for all of them. Prince also snoozed for quite a while-he was awake, but all he was moving was his tail when Sidney talked to him.

Prince with his owner, Sidney

One great success story from our January Spay Days: "Buchter" came in with his caring owner (picture below) who asked us to help his dog. Buchter had mange, he was skinny, tired and sad.

Of course we helped!

Buchter's owner brought him to the clinic to be treated for mange

Buchter was castrated, vaccinated and treated for internal and external parasites and when we met him in April 2016 again we could not believe our eyes!

Just to show you how much impact your support has:

Since we started with Spay Days in Luderitz in April 2014, we were able to spay a total of 404 dogs and 44 cats in Luderitz and Aus.

A puppy can start reproducing from the age of 6 months. A short calculation how many unwanted puppies are not born in Luderitz & Aus due to the work done:

We sterilised 232 female dogs up until today. A female dog has an estimated 6 puppies twice a year.

232 x 12 puppies = 2784 puppies not born within a year in Luderitz and Aus!

But lets calculate a bit further:

An estimated half of the 2784 puppies will survive until the age of 6 months, half of them are female and ready to reproduce from the age of 6 – 8 months. Meaning an estimated 696 additional female dogs will add to the overpopulation within one year...

232 + 696 = 928 female dogs having 6 puppies twice a year = 11,136 puppies NOT born within 2 years in Luderitz and Aus because of the work we can do due to your support!

Recovery area

[Picture above: April spayathon recovery area]

Our next Spay Days are planned for end of May 2016. Your ongoing support is very much appreciated!

Thank you again! Have a Heart Team Luderitz & Aus

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