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So many dogs & cats have been helped thanks to KCAW and AKI!

Kingston Community Animal Welfare helps poor families care for their pets and helps hundreds of dogs and cats that live on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica. KCAW (with AKI funds) provides food, gets dogs and cats spayed/neutered, and when needed, gets them vet care. Here are some of the animals that KCAW has helped, thanks to AKI donors, in the last couple of months.

In these pictures below, you can see the lengths to which Deborah goes to help Kingston's animals. The dog in these pictures is pretty wild. He had a bad maggot-infested wound inside his left rear leg that Deborah tried treating with antibiotic spray. She'd have to sneak up while he was eating, but then he'd run off after 1 spray.

Deborah capturing the dog with maggot-infested wound

Dog is captured and can now be treated

So she was forced to enlist help to trap him. Deborah said, "it was quite an ordeal, for all involved. I got a good bite on my hand as well, thought he broke my finger but was only badly bruised, but finally caught him. He was so resistant he bit into the metal catch pole and bloodied his mouth. The vet treated that along with his wound. He spent a week in my kennel then I took him back to his garage. He was so happy to be home (picture below, the wound is healed). Once he saw his home, he jumped and pranced and seemed a different dog. At one point I swore he was smiling!"

Dog with maggot-infested wound is 100% better!

These "garage dogs" are on Deborah's Wednesday and Saturday feeding list. He comes from the same garage as the other dog with the huge wound (see below). AKI donors covered his vet care and Deborah also uses AKI funds to buy dog food.

The pictures below are of Girl, who Deborah has been helping for several years. She lives in a poor part of Kingston, and is a community dog--people in the community look after her. When something is wrong that they can't handle, they'll call Deborah for help. In July, Girl ended up with a bad ear infection, and although Deborah tried to treat it, it wasn't improving, so Deborah took Girl to the vet. AKI funds covered Girl's vet care.

Girl has a bad ear infection

Deborah is treating Girl's ear infection

Girl goes to the vet to get her ear infection treated

This dog (pictures below) almost didn't make her spay appointment, but eventually the caretaker at this property and Deborah captured her, and brought her to the vet, had her spayed (thank you AKI donors), and Deborah brought her back home.

Dog captured for spaying

Going to spay appointment

This dog (below) had a horrible wound on her back. It was infested with maggots. The good news is that Deborah got her to a vet and the wound was treated. No one knows what happened to her, but the original wound had gotten so severely infected and infested with maggots. She's back at home and is perfectly fine now. She lives at the same garage as the dog above with the leg wound, so she's part of the group that Deborah feeds on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Dog with terrible wound on her back

Dog with that horrible wound on her back is healed and at home!

Deborah came across this group of abandoned dogs that included 4 pups--they were very wild (pictures below). Deborah's helper had to tie their mouths to bathe them, they were so snappy! Deborah had the 2 female puppies (in the back of her car in the picture) spayed. Then they went back to Deborah's kennel and are now being tamed-so far Deborah's tamed 1 of the puppies and is working on the other 3. They are so wary of people. Three of the adults in this family group are female. AKI hopes to raise enough money so KCAW can spay them soon.

One of the abandoned wild dogs getting a bath

On their way to be spayed

Abandoned wild dogs now safe at Deborah's kennel

Group of abandoned wild dogs eating at Deborah's

Yes, Deborah helps a lot of dogs and cats (although we don't have any kitty pictures this time), but helping dogs and cats also means helping the owners. The man below is just 1 of the many people who are grateful to Deborah/KCAW for helping him care for his cats and dog. In return, he gives Deborah loads of mangoes and avocados.

Deborah helps this guy take care of his cats and dog

This cutie is just hanging out in the crate (picture below), on her way to be spayed. Three other dogs are part of her street family, the females Ginger and White, who have already been spayed with AKI funds. But one more in the bunch, the little brown pup, still needs to be spayed and is scheduled for August.

Group of 4 street dogs, 3 are spayed, 1 still needs to be spayed

Pup from the group of 4 going for her spay surgery

And last, but not least, this girl was spayed during July thanks to AKI donor support to KCAW! She lives with a family in Kingston, who takes good care of her, but they are very poor.

Dog on the way to spay appointment


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