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Dipping, Powdering, Feeding, Spaying in Namibia

We've been able to visit Katutura monthly thanks to AKI's supporters. In May during our visit, it was very windy and being in the township with no tarred roads, it was very dusty. This makes me realize that I am very lucky living in another area of Windhoek and having a proper house!!! When I get up in the morning, I turn on the tap to get water and I don’t have to walk for some time to collect water, make a fire, and then boil the water. Herewith some photos from May's dipping and feeding in Katutura.

Dipping dogs in Katutura, Namibia in May

Erika and her team visiting Katutura in May

Katutura visit-May

In June, we again visited Katutura, and thanks to AKI donors, we had food, dipping shampoo, flea and tick powder. It is quite interesting to notice that the more we go there, the more the people get used to us and this time I really dipped A LOT of dogs and we powdered a lot of cats. We take along the water for the dipping (usually 30 liters) and this time I did not even have enough water. Next time I take more along. With our drought situation and the dams around Windhoek having hardly any water any more, the Municipality installed a device on the community taps, so that the people there have to buy the water. Photos below of our June visit.

June in Katutura-cats get flea powder

June visit-powdering cats

More and more people are showing up at the Katutura dipping and feeding visits

In June we were also able to spay the first of the dogs in Aranos. Aranos is 320km outside Windhoek to the south of Namibia. This little town has about 3,500 inhabitants. I received a request to have these farm workers' dogs sterilized because there is no vet in Aranos and the farm workers are very poor.

These four dogs belonging to farm workers were spayed in June. Thank you to the AKI donors!

Erika arranged to spay 4 dogs belonging to this farm worker

Some of the Aranos dogs to be spayed

Mama dog getting a check up before spay

Mama dog and her puppies-she was spayed during the Aranos clinic

Aranos farm worker with 1 of the dogs that were spayed

We continued in September to spay the Aranos farm workers' dogs. On September 21, 2016, 5 dogs were spayed and their owners are very happy, thanks to AKI who financed the spays. One of the dogs is in the picture below.

One of the 5 Aranos dogs spayed in Sept

We went dipping and feeding again on Saturday, October 15. Just before we finished an elderly lady came with her injured dog and asked if we could help the dog. So we arranged with Sylvia at the Windhoek SPCA that I take the dog directly to the vet. The dog was bitten quite badly and they treated her and tomorrow she will get spayed.

There were three boys who brought their dog for dipping and asked whether we could arrange that he will be “fixed.” And another woman brought 4 kittens and asked whether we could spay the mother. So they are getting used to us and need our help. I said that I’ll pay for the spays and also help pay for the dog which has been bitten. Thank you to AKI for a successful October in Katutura. Pictures from our very busy visit below.

October in Katutura -we had plenty of food!

People are now waiting for us to arrive

There was a line for dipping in October!

Dipping dogs

This is the area we work in

On October 19, we held another Aranos spay campaign. A total of 4 dogs were spayed, BUT 3 of the dogs were pregnant already (very early pregnancies) and the vet removed the babies and spayed all dogs. A total of 25 pups were removed!!!! Just imagine how much puppies would be in the township again if these dogs would not have been spayed!!!! So thanks to AKI the dog population in the Aranos township has not increased again. Pictures below

One of the 4 dogs spayed in Aranos in Oct-thanks to AKI donors

This is Aranos

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