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Liberia's Student-Led, Hands-On Humane Projects (Part 2)

During 2016, with AKI support, twelve of Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society's Kindness Clubs implemented student-led, hands-on humane projects to improve the lives of animals. We reported in April about the start up of this program and about 2 of the projects that had just begun. All projects were completed by the end of the school year-in July, and we're happy to report that all were fun and successful! Read on for info about and to see pictures of the remaining 10 projects.

Each school received $100 to implement their project (The April 19, 2016 AKI Blog post described the process the students went through to design projects before they received $100.) The students used the funds for items such as copying brochures for community and school education programs, paper and pencils for drawing contests, pails and shampoo for dog washing events, vet supplies for clinics, and dog food bowls and water bowls.

William A. Brown Public School held a contest for students at the school in which they drew their favorite animal. The humane education students used this contest to educate the student body about proper animal care.

William A. Brown school contest

Vezala Public School held a community rabies education and dog washing program during which 150 dogs were bathed

Vezala community ed and dog wash

Voinjama Public School #2 held an animal monitoring program. The children visited communities, assessed the conditions of the animals, and educated the owners about proper care.

Voinjama school animal monitoring

Kormah Shaperhood Mission School held an event during which they dipped dogs, provided mange treatment, tick and flea control, and de-worming, and also educated the participants about improving the care of their pets. The outreach clinic provided free treatment and care for 300 dogs.

Kormah school dog clinic

Lawalazu Public School was involved in class to class education. The humane education students visited each of the classes in their school and presented lessons on animal welfare.

Lawalazu educating students

Barkedu Public School monitored their families’ animals and also provided education to the community on animal care and protection.

Barkedu school community monitoring and ed

Japan Cooperative Daycare School conducted community animal welfare monitoring and education and distributed food and water bowls to dog owners.

Japan Coop Day School community monitoring, ed, food and water bowls

New Life Community School held a class-to-class education program during which they educated the students about animal welfare.

New Life clas to classroom humane ed

Tennebu Public School conducted community education on the basic needs of dogs and cats. They visited each community in Tennebu and held awareness raising sessions with community members.

Tennebu community humane ed

Womanor Public School was involved in community education on the proper care of livestock and helped livestock owners to provide shelters for their goats, sheep, and chickens.

Womanor community livestock care and building humane enclosures

During June, LAWCS organized five events to bring together the humane education groups and other students in the 12 schools. The events were meant to educate the students who weren’t involved in the hands-on humane projects, and to showcase the student-led animal welfare projects.

For one event, school children educated their parents and other dog owners about the importance of veterinary care for companion animals and convinced them to bring their dogs for veterinary treatment. LAWCS provided free basic care (de-worming, mange treatment, wound treatment, etc.) for over 200 dogs (pictures below).

Basic care clinic

Basic care clinic

LAWCS's Abie, community animal health specialist

Clinic and awareness raising

Abie speaking to dog owners

Awareness raising for dog owners

Clinic for dog owners

Another joint event sponsored by LAWCS was a community education and dog washing day (pictures below).

Dog wash & education

Dog wash & education

Dog wash and education

At the end of the program, LAWCS presented each of the 12 schools that participated in Student-Led, Hands-On Humane Ed Projects with a certificate of appreciation (see sample certificate below).

Sample certificate

A total of 3,793 people including students, teachers, parents, and pet owners were involved in this program....imagine how many animals' and peoples' lives were changed!

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