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What's Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society Been Up to?

Thanks to AKI donors....A LOT!

A couple of years ago, Kolahun district in Liberia requested that LAWCS bring their humane ed program to schools in their district. But at the time, LAWCS just didn't have the money to expand there. And then AKI donors came through with funding so LAWCS could purchase a motorbike (picture below), provide small stipends for 2 humane educators to work in Kolahun, and a budget for humane ed materials and other supplies. As of early 2016, the LAWCS humane ed program started in 10 schools in Kolahun.

LAWCS bought this motorbike with AKI funds.

That brought the number of schools in Liberia teaching the LAWCS humane ed programs to 32!

Now, the 10 Kolahun schools are ready to start student-led animal welfare projects in their schools and communities, all geared toward improving the welfare of animals. We'll report on their progress in future AKI Blog posts.

Thanks to AKI donors, LAWCS has also been able to hold free community animal clinics in Voinjama and Kolahun. Abie, the LAWCS community animal health worker, gives rabies vaccinations, treats dogs for fleas, ticks, and mange, provides de-worming meds, and eye, ear, and wound treatment. These clinics are always combined with community education--teaching dog and cat owners how to provide good care of their pets (pictures below).

LAWCS clinic

LAWCS clinic

Raising awareness of good pet care

Community awareness raising

Abie examines a dog

There's always long lines at the clinics.

Abie works on the next client

In addition to humane ed in schools and community clinics, AKI donors supported two months of LAWCS humane ed radio shows at a local radio station.

Is humane ed in schools and community awareness raising helping animals? It sure is! Here are just 2 cases that show how humane ed is building compassion and is empowering students and others to act on behalf of animals.

A student in the LAWCS humane education program saw this abandoned puppy in a community where LAWCS isn't working, and informed a LAWCS volunteer. The owner wasn't feeding the puppy or providing any care. The puppy was covered in ticks and wasn't healthy at all. LAWCS rescued the dog, and is now providing nutritional food and basic care.

Puppy rescued by LAWCS humane ed student

The puppy was given a bath

Pulling ticks from the pup's ears

Puppy getting bathed

Hawa is a student in the LAWCS humane ed program in Kolahun. Because of the HE program, Hawa understands how to care for her dog, Struggle and their relationship has grown strong. According to Hawa, her dog is her best friend and they go nearly every where together. She said that her dog has taught her the true meaning of friendship and she is so happy to have Struggle. The picture below was taken when they were on their way to their farm.

Hawa with her dog, Struggle

The LAWCS humane ed and community awareness raising programs aim to build many strong relationships between dogs and their humans. AKI donors: Thank you for your role in these important programs; none of this would have been impossible without your support!

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