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AKI Donors to the Rescue (Recoveries & Re-homes) at the Uganda SPCA

The Uganda SPCA has been busy! This article will give you just a taste of what life's been like at the USPCA over the last few months.

During the last half of 2016, AKI donors covered:

  • USPCA Haven (shelter) rent for August and October

  • Haven staff salaries: 5 employees in June; 6 employees in July; and 7 employees in October (this includes the new Haven vet, Dr. Bernard)

  • Transport to bring mama cat and 2 kittens from Mbarara to The Haven (about 3 hours each way)

  • Transport for 4 months of rescues

  • Food for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens

  • Propane for 3 months (to cook dog and cat food)

  • Electricity for 3 months

  • A long list of medicines

  • Disinfectants to clean the shelter

Most important, here are some of the dogs and cats that were rescued, rehabilitated, and re-homed, thanks to AKI donor support.


The Uganda 16

We previously told you about the "Uganda 16," 16 dogs left in a vacant compound after the residents moved away. Before the residents left, they placed the dogs in a few different rooms, but left no food, no water. A kind soul notified the USPCA about the situation.

When Haven staff arrived, they gathered up the dogs, and counted 14. As they were doing their assessment, they found 2 more dogs in a separate room (see picture below when the door between rooms is opened for the 1st time).

Shelter Manager Alex and the team determined that all the dogs were too thin, had mange, needed vaccinations, spay/neuter, and needed to be socialized. But The Haven was at capacity , so the USPCA cared for the Uganda 16 at the vacant compound until they could be moved to The Haven.

The Uganda 16 were left behind, locked away without food and water

While still at the vacant compound, the USPCA started to treat their skin problems and spay the dogs. In the 2 picture below, Haven staff are bathing the Uganda 16.

The Uganda 16 get their 1st baths!

The Uganda 16 get their 1st baths!

As soon as possible, the USPCA brought the Uganda 16 to The Haven so they could get more attention and socialization. That was about 2 months ago. Already 7 have been adopted! The remaining 9 dogs are doing great, their wounds are healing, they're putting on weight.

Below are some before and after pictures. Row 1: Ado had a cyst that's now almost completely healed. Row 2: This dog had an injury on her cheek which is now fully healed. Row 3: The Uganda 16 were skinny and their coats were in poor condition, but with good care by the USPCA staff, they gained weight and their coats are now bright and shiny.

BEFORE: Ado had a cyst that the USPCA treated

AFTER: Ado's cyst is almost healed

BEFORE: Injury on her cheek

AFTER: Injury has healed

At The Haven: it takes a while to gain weight

Finally gained weight, coat is shiny!


Mama & 4 Pups are Rescued

This mama dog and her 4 puppies (photo below left) got a nice Christmas present when, on the evening of December 22, a police officer, who's familiar with the USPCA, called to request that the USPCA rescue the family. Alex went to pick her up and brought them to The Haven. The picture on the right is the same mama dog and puppies, almost 3 weeks after her rescue-all-are resting comfortably at The Haven!

Mama & her 4 puppies - morning after rescue

Mama & puppies 3 weeks after rescue


Young Kitty gets a New Life

In December, Alex was on his way to Namwoungo (a Kampala suburb), when he saw a cat with a bad wound. After investigating, he found the cruel owner (who caused this injury) of this young female. Luckily, she was willing to give the kitty up. And most importantly, the kitty is almost 100% healed now, physically and emotionally (picture below right, about 4 weeks after her arrival at The Haven.)

Injury caused by cruel owner

Kitty is almost fully recovered


A Shining Example for Others!

On January 9, 2017, this boy found a puppy in the middle of a well-traveled street, put him in a box and brought the puppy to the shelter, where he's now being cared for! Huge Kudos for this young man!

This boy rescued a puppy abandoned in the street!


Kitty in a Bind!

One October morning, Alex received a call from Juanita. She was crying and asked if the USPCA could help rescue a stray cat on a wall, whose tail was stuck in razor wire. Juanita told Alex that some people wanted her to leave the cat there to die! Alex said, "Immediately I picked all my tools for rescue and jumped on boda-boda (motorbike). I found the poor cat was caught on the tail which took me about three hours to remove him. We now have him at the shelter getting treatment." (See pictures below).

Kitty's tail is stuck in razor wire!

Alex to the rescue (with AKI donated gloves!)


Beautiful Rosy

On 17 August, 7 month old Rosy arrived at The Haven. She had a home, but her owner kicked her out because of her skin condition! A neighbor found her and brought her to the shelter (picture below left). In the picture below right, she's looking beautiful after getting treated for mange, fed nutritious food, and getting lots of love at the USPCA Haven!

BEFORE: Rosy when she arrived at The Haven

AFTER: Getting the best care at The Haven


Humane Ed Works!

In October, these young men arrived at The Haven with their dog, Simba, and asked Alex to vaccinate him. The USPCA did more than that! They gave a rabies vaccination, de-wormed Simba, treated him for ticks and fleas, and everyone went home happy! These children used to come on Sundays to The Haven to learn about animals. It's great to see the results of humane ed classes! (Neuter was scheduled for a later date.)

Simba arrives at The Haven

Simba with friends


Dumped at The Haven

On 22 October, someone dumped 2 female dogs (picture below) and 9 puppies inside The Haven compound! Of course, the USPCA didn't turn them away.

2 females and 9 puppies were dumped at The Haven


Noki was given up to The Haven by his owner. Because of very poor care, Noki had to have his leg amputated (2 pictures below). In August 2015, Noki's luck changed and he was adopted! In November 2016, he and his owner visited the shelter (see picture below) to get his annual vaccinations. He has a wonderful home!

Noki after leg was amputated

Noki after leg was amputated

Noki returns for annual jabs



On 10 November, Owori Joshua found these puppies (below) in a box, thrown away, along Kisugu/Namwuongo Road. He brought them to the shelter.

Owori Joshua rescued 6 puppies!

Then on 11 November, Sarah found these 3 puppies (below) on the side of the road in Kamwokya (Kampala suburb). She brought them to the shelter.

Sarah rescued 3 puppies


2 Dogs Adopted!

In November, Ruth Sempa adopted these 2 beautiful dogs from The Haven. In this picture below, they're sniffing the new smells at their new home!

Ruth's new USPCA dogs


USPCA to the Rescue & Recovery!

Also in November, the USPCA received a call about a dog kicked out of his home, sleeping on the streets for 5 days. Alex and Dan went to the location, where they were told that the owner had been arrested some months before, and the others at the home didn't want the dog any more. Dan put him on a leash (picture below left), checked his wound, and then Dan and Alex brought him to The Haven, where he got the good care he so deserved (pictures 3 & 4 below)!

Dan rescues and calms this abandoned dog

Dan checks the wound

Alex bathes the abandoned dog

Purple ears-helps them heal


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