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Have A Heart-Mobile Update

In the last HAH blog post (Feb 2017), we introduced you to HAH-Mobile and told you that AKI agreed that HAH could use AKI funds for cat spay/neuter and for vet care (other than s/n) of all animals brought to the mobile clinic. Here's an update (March-April 2017) about some of the cases that HAH-Mobile treated and what AKI funds are being used for.

Animal-Kind International is hugely important to us. It is through their ongoing support that we are able to provide services other than our usual spay/neuter and vaccination during spay days. Their funding allows us to treat sick or injured dogs, cats, horses, and donkeys - or any animal brought to us in need of veterinary care. During the southern spay trip we were able to help a dog with a snake bite, many dogs with burns, cuts and sickness, as well as helping horses and donkeys with parasite treatment. These are all things our normal funding does not cover. Having to turn away an animal in need would break our hearts, and thanks to Animal-Kind International we never have to! Thanks a million!!!

Here are pictures of the cats we were able to sterilize during the end of March/early April mobile trip. Thirty-eight cats were sterilized during that trip!

These 2 dog with burn wounds on their back were treated-thanks to AKI-in March (see pictures below).

burn wound

burn wound

Many dogs came to the clinic with infected bite or stab wounds, and all got cleaned and antibiotics if necessary.

One dog with a snake bite from a puff adder was brought to the clinic (see picture, it looks terrible but the vets cleaned it, he got the full load medicine and they say he will be fine, it just needs to heal.)

Puff adder bite

Owner helps his dog with puff adder bite

During the March/April clinics, 139(!!!) old customers came for parasite treatment and booster vaccination (68 dogs and cats)--all covered by AKI!

Two horses came in (during the March trip) for check up and parasite treatment (see pictures).

horses get a check up and and parasite treatment

Dr is checking the horses

We had so many ticks on the dogs, you will not believe it! AKI covered internal and external parasite treatment.

Dog with ticks in ear-treated at the clinic

During HAH-Mobile's April trip, 6% of all female dogs operated on had an infection of the uterus-- pyometra--which most often occurs in middle aged, unspayed dogs. Without treatment, pyometra can lead to kidney failure and death. AKI donors funded the treatment of 7 dogs that came to the mobile clinic with pyometra. Working in towns without vets, HAH-Mobile is the only chance of help for females with uterine infections, and spaying is the only means to prevent it.

Dog treated for pyometra

The March/April mobile clinic traveled to 6 different towns during the 10 days work!

Karasburg is 1 of the 6 towns we visited and is definitely a town with lots of need for our work. We had many many people saying thank yous for the work we are doing for the community and asking when are we coming back and if we can't stay a few more days... We wish we could stay longer and we wish we could come back before September because we know there is so much more help needed...!

But with the work we do, we sometimes have to also look back and remember how much we already did and helped and not get frustrated by thinking about the many thousand dog and cat owners still waiting for us.

In 1 day in Karasburg, 13 cats and 37 dogs received the life changing operation, all of them very much loved by their owners! Many unwanted puppies and kittens will not be born, the animals have been treated against ticks and fleas and worms and they received their vaccination.

Your support has made the difference between life and death for so many of these animals and has prevented and stopped so much suffering.

Karasburg-1 of 6 stops during the March/April trip

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