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Have a Heart-Namibia: Kitsy's story

Kitsy's story may just be the most amazing and heartwarming of any AKI-HaH Emergency Fund client's story we've heard. It was a roller coaster story, with ups and downs, but it has a beautiful, happy ending.

injured cat at vet clinic
Kitsy's "mom" brought Kitsy, near death, to the vet clinic

September 21: Poor pregnant Kitsy was severely injured by a dog and not only had a huge wound on her right side, but also most of her left foot and tail were chewed off. She hid away for a few days, she couldn't be found.

Dr Erna at the vet clinic thought that, based on the maggots in the wounds, Kitsy might have hidden, probably in shock, for up to 3 days. Or maybe it took her that long to get back home. Finally, the last time her owner called her, she saw Kitsy crawling towards her--all she could manage was to crawl.

injured cat
Kitsy was attacked by a dog and had horrific wounds

Dr Erna told us, "Her mom is in tears, loves her dearly and will love her despite needing amputations of her leg and tail - will Have a Heart and Animal-Kind International be able to help?" Of course we immediately gave Dr Erna the go-ahead, and Kitsy's emergency operation started.

One of Kitsy's kittens was dead inside her, so she not only needed the amputation, but also needed an emergency spay. The other kittens didn't make it either.

cat post-surgery
Kitsy stitched up after emergency surgery

Kitsy survived the first night after surgery and on September 22, when her family visited her, Kitsy's eyes lit up.

cat at vet clinic
After surgery, Kitsy showed signs of life when she saw her human family

But then, the next update, later on Sept 22, wasn't good: At the moment, Dr Erna is very worried about the remaining back leg, it is still very swollen and infected, she is still on IV antibiotics.

September 23 brought better news: Kitsy still has a little bit of a fever but she started to groom herself!!! Dr Erna now has high hopes for her recovery!!

But then on Sept 24, things got worse again: Kitsy isn't doing well. She had a blood transfusion, it doesn't look good and she is going into heart failure.

We were thrilled to wake up to great news on September25: Dr Erna was "overjoyed." She looked ready to die most of the weekend. Kitsy isn't out of the woods yet, but her family's visits at the clinic clearly help her and Dr Erna is doing everything she can to get her though this.

Please hope with us that September 26 brings even better news for Kitsy!

Kitsy cat and her fmaily
Kitsy's family visits helped keep her spirits up even during the worst days

kitty Kitsy and her family
Kitsy's family really loves her

September 26: Dr Erna reported to us that "Kitzy is looking okay but very picky about what she wants to eat. At least no fever. Signs of heart failure have decreased as well."

Finally, on September 27, it seemed we turned the corner! Dr Erna wrote, "She is doing well now. Yesterday was not great. Her wounds had gone completely purulent and inflamed again. So I pulled a bunch of stitches, flushed everything and have been flushing every few hours since. Now she ate almost a whole chicken breast!!!

Even when she was feeling poorly, she started standing properly a lot of the time and is starting to move around in her cage much more. I think it's going to be a tough case up until the end, but I still have much hope for her recovery."

We are so grateful to Dr Erna for her commitment and knowledge. We want to see Kitsy survive and thrive!

Then on September 28, we received another happy update about Kitsy from Have a Heart (Geesche): "Today was a good day! She ate very very well for the first time today. Dr Erna changed her medication and she believes this brought back her appetite. Things are looking good, all of you hoping for her...that must be working."

September 29: "Kitsy started on dry food today!!! She is now asking for food and she went for a short walk. Today is a good day, she still looks rough but she came such a long way. THANK YOU AKI!!!"

tripod cat
Kitsy on September 29: a unique look

cat recovering
Kitsy is interested in food-a great sign

On October 1 we heard from Geesche again: "Kitsy is doing well. Dr Erna says she might be able to close her wounds again today or tomorrow and then she is ready to go home!"

October 2: "Kitsy was sutured up today, so I believe if she is fine tomorrow it is time for her to go home."

And finally on October 4, the big day!: "She was picked up by her mom and nearly cuddled to death."

kitty fully recovered
Kitsy is going home!
kitty and owner-happy together
Happy mom, happy kitty!!!!!


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