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How AKI Donors are Helping Under-Resourced SPCAs in Namibia

Through Erika, AKI's contact in Namibia, we support small, rural SPCAs throughout the country. These rescue and shelter organizations are faced with so many animal welfare issues, yet have such a small fundraising base. And that's why we feel it's important to help them out.

Three times a year, Erika sends AKI disbursements to some of Namibia's small SPCAs, and tracks and reports on how funds are used. Usually the SPCAs use AKI money to purchase medicines, blankets, bowls, dip, flea/tick powder, collars, and leashes, and for vet care (including spay/neuter, although now, thanks to Have A Heart-Namibia, who AKI also supports, some of the s/n needs at the shelters are met).

Here are some of the messages and pictures we've gotten from the SPCAs that have been helped thanks to AKI donor support.

From Otjiwarongo SPCA, June 2017

Currently we are restructuring the SPCA, meeting with the municipality, and getting everything in place. I would though like to report that since we took over as of April this year, we extended the cattery, they can now also move outside. This was done with the kind help of the Otji business community.

Busy with the help of the municipality and some business partners we are installing a geyser in the kitchen and at the same time Thomas, who lives on the property will be able, after many years, to take a warm shower. We are planning to extend electricity to the back building where the pens are.

From Otijwarongo SPCA, March 30, 2017

Dear Erika and all other involved!

We would like to thank you sincerely for your generous continuous donation of money. Without this kind donation we would not be able to give into the needs, with the best possible care, of the animals under our supervision. We really appreciate this wonderful gift. If the animals could speak our language, the gratitude would be 1000 times greater! We hope that in future, we may knock on your door again!

Once again thank you so much!!!

Kind regards and a paw shake

The Otjiwarongo – SPCA committee



Sr.Christiane Paetow – DipVetVerpl.(Pret.)

[Note from Erika: on April 1, 2017, Christiane resigned from the committee and a new Otjiwarongo SPCA committee (Board of Directors) was formed.]

From Walvis Bay SPCA

From all the children - (doggies & cats/kittens), we say - THANK YOU!! You are very kind to help us, we do appreciate it very much. Will forward your email to the Operational Manager - Sonia. Kind Regards Yulandi - Accounts.

From Walvis Bay SPCA, July 2015

Good Day Erika

Our current numbers at the spca for animals are as follows:

Dogs = 38

Cats = 41

We have recently started with a Vaccination Project. This will help with any virus/illness spreading amongst the little pups and to ensure the well-being of all the animals sheltered at the SPCA. People donate towards this project by making payments on the vet accounts and inform us for which animal they would like to do this vaccination. This also made a huge difference on our adoption fees and recently had a number of adoptions going through because they didn’t have to pay for the vaccination but only for the sterilization.

The current situation of owners surrendering their pets are great concern. People need more education on caring for the needs of an animal before they get one and the responsibility having one.

In Walvis townships we have a great need for sterilization of animals, we have a lot of unwanted animals roaming the streets that ends up at the pound of the municipality and the SPCA, where owners of these animals never claim them.

This is the biggest problem at this moment and with great concern due to these animals.

We have started with mange education and dip weekly (every Saturday) for free to anyone who brings in their pets for mange or just tick and flea control. This also helps that people start walking around on the SPCA premises and open a door to adoptions.

Herewith some pictures of the SPCA and a dog with a horrible case of mange that we were able to help.

Cattery at Walvis Bay SPCA

A Walvis Bay SPCA kitty

Puppy at Walvis Bay SPCA getting some love

Walvis Bay SPCA dog yard

This is an after picture of the dog with severe mange

Dog at Walvis Bay with severe mange (after photo is above)

Tanya with Rundu SPCA sent this message to Erika and AKI:

Thank you so much for the money donations that you guys made during this year. We appreciate it very much. We are trying to educate the community on the welfare of donkeys and cattle. We are focusing on the donkeys that are being used to pull the wagons. Here in the North the local people do not really take good care of the donkeys and they are being used to pull these very heavy wagons. They just see them as their way of transportation and if the animal dies or becomes sick they just get a new one cause its easy to get. I always take the animal acts with me, I make copies and sometimes pinpoint the act of cruelty to them, but its difficult and the police do not really act on it, but slowly we are getting the message across and we do see a difference, but that only happens when they know that we are constantly doing visits inspecting the welfare of the animal. I also give them certificates of good ownership and sometimes reward them with fixing the wagons.

From Luderitz SPCA, we received this picture of 4 of their 8 puppies they had at the shelter-we agreed they are some of the cutest puppies we've ever seen.

4 of 8 puppies that were at the Luderitz SPCA

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