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AKI Supports Student-Led Animal Kindness Projects in Liberia

Over the past two months, Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society's Kindness Clubs have organized and participated in student-led animal kindness projects. These projects give the students who are involved in LAWCS's Humane Education Program an opportunity to get out of the classroom and actually advocate for and help Liberia's animals.

During May and June, LAWCS's Kindness Clubs led various kindness programs in their schools and communities. We have now completed our student-led programs in the 32 schools for the school year. The various projects were so impressive and inspirational. The various kindness clubs were empowered to carry out their animal kindness projects on their own, with some direction from LAWCS's Humane Education Specialists. The projects included class to class education on animal kindness, visiting other schools where we are not working to educate the students, community education and dog washing program, visiting cattle farms to educate their owners on animal welfare, parading with posters on animal kindness. All of the programs were successfully done.

Here are some pictures of the student-led projects.

The children in the pictures below are parading against cruelty to animals and anti-dog and cat meat eating. It was done by the kindness clubs in the 10 schools in Kolahun District. The parents were very supportive of the parade.

Schools are now closed-the semester finishes at the end of June and some in July. From July to September, we will focus on community education and animal treatment.

Dogs Benefit from Humane Education!

Robert is one of the students in our animal kindness club. As the result of the Humane Education Program, the relationship between Robert and their family dog PEACE is that of inspiration. Robert and their dog PEACE do nearly everything together. PEACE usually follows Robert to school on a regular basis. At the school, Robert uses the relationship between him and his dog to educate other children that our dogs can become affectionate.

Cats Benefit from Humane Education!

Dogs seem to get a lot more attention, but the LAWCS's staff all love cats so we try to make sure cats get treated fairly. Here are some of the cats that are owned by LAWCS's Kindness Club students. You can see they are treated with love and kindness just like dogs.

And the children benefit from Humane Education too!

To support Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society's Student-Led Projects or any other LAWCS programs (community humane ed, animal care clinics), you can securely donate here, https://www.animal-kind.org/aki-donate

We are grateful for your support. We can't do this without you.

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