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Katutura Feeding and Pet Care Project: October 2017 Update

Katutura (Otjiherero for The place where people do not want to live) is a township of Windhoek, Khomas Region, Namibia. Katutura was created in 1961 following the forced removal of Windhoek's black population from the Old Location, which afterwards was developed into the suburb of Hochland Park ( In 2006, the population of Katutura was estimated at 150,000. Although there are many middle class-type homes, the majority of the population lives in housing similar to the houses shown in the photo below. Until recently, with the start of Erika's Katutura Project and with AKI partner organization, Have A Heart's entry into Katutura, there was no available (affordable and easily accessible) vet care for Katutura's cats and dogs. Erika sent this update on how AKI funds were used in Katutura and Aranos (a farming community adjacent to the Kalahari desert) from June-September 2017.

A Katutura community

[Photo credit:]

From Erika:

Thank you AKI for the 1st disbursement of 2017, which we received in May. Of the total amount received, we used US$300 for 8 spay surgeries, including the 5 dogs in Aranos in the picture below. (As always, I sent most of the disbursement from AKI to the rural SPCAs and used some for the Katutura Project.)

Five dogs in Aranos spayed with AKI funds

On 10 May, when our group of volunteers visited Katutura to take cat and dog food, to dip dogs, and give other basic care, we received many enquiries from the people in Katutura about spays. So we used AKI funds to spay 3 Katutura dogs and we plan to take more cats and dogs in for surgery in the future.

On Saturday (3 June), we again visited Katutura with food and basic medicines. I noticed at the dipping that there are more skinny dogs than before. This could be because the economy here is in a very bad shape and thus a lot of businesses had to close down. Katutura-and its cats and dogs-is probably feeling the effects of this.

3 June Katutura visit-kitty getting a check up

3 June Katutura visit-dipping dogs

3 June Katutura visit-handing out pet food

3 June Katutura visit-dipping dogs

3 June in Katutura-some of the volunteers in Erika's group

We went feeding and dipping in Katutura again on Saturday (15 July). The wind was blowing quite strong and as there are no tarred streets and gardens, it was dust all over. This time I took some clay along for the kids to make animals with (instead of painting pictures of their animals). We had a first, a pet rat was one of our clients.

July visit Katutura-some of the Katutura Project's clients

July Katutura visit-a pet rat gets some food and a check up (all looked good!)

July Katutura visit-we see many children and dogs when we visit, not so many cats

July Katutura visit-a Siamese cat was brought to the feeding/dipping location!

July Katutura visit-kids made animals from clay

We didn’t go dipping and feeding last month (August), because Erika H. (my friend who always organizes the days) was on leave and as it was school holidays, all of our volunteers were away. We must be at least 3 people. One dipping, one distributing food, and one powdering cats, applying ointment to ears, giving worm pills, etc. So we went again on 23 September and were greeted very happily. Some of the people thought we would not come anymore and were really glad to see us and we were very busy.

September Katutura visit-the children are happy that we returned after 2 months

Sept visit-dipping dogs

Sept visit-dipping dogs

Sept visit-we had many clients!

Sept visit-dipping dogs, handing out food

Sept visit-the children help dip their dogs

Sept visit-shaking off after dipping

Sept visit-some of our clients

A community where we work in Katutura

For AKI's 2nd disbursement for rural Namibia SPCAs, we are again using US$300 from the total to spay dogs: 4 dogs in Aranos have already been spayed (20 Sept). You can see their happy and grateful owners and the dogs in the photos. We will also use some of the AKI money to spay 5 dogs in Katutura. And as always, we will send some of the AKI disbursement to the rural SPCAs and use some for our Katutura Feeding and Care work. We are always grateful to AKI donors and will keep sending news from Namibia.

20 Sept-1 of 4 Aranos dogs spayed and her owner

20 Sept-another Aranos dog spayed with her owner

20 Sept Aranos dog spayed shown with her family

20 Sept-dog # 4 spayed with AKI funds

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