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LAWCS Holds Huge WRD and WAD Celebrations!

AKI supports our partner organization, Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society's Humane Ed Program and Animal Care Clinics. Because LAWCS is such a well-respected advocate for animals and humans in Liberia, they get so much support among community members for their animal welfare activities. Of course, most Liberians are far too poor to donate, but as you can see from Morris's article about their World Rabies Day and World Animal Day celebrations, they certainly do their share to advocate for animals and to help in LAWCS's efforts!

World Rabies Day

In recognition of World Rabies Day celebration, Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society (LAWCS) proactively started disseminating rabies awareness and prevention messages to various communities and schools since the beginning of September 2017.

In Liberia, little is known about rabies and its prevention among the population. Children are the main victims of dog bite incident in Liberia. They are unable to protect themselves when attacked by dogs. Rabies is a threat that needs speedy intervention. The first steps are to create awareness among the population about rabies and its prevention, vaccinating dogs and cats against rabies, and educating children, who are the main victims of rabies about dog bite prevention.

LAWCS is the receiver of 2016 WRD Award. We are therefore using the recognition and award to reach many towns and villages in Liberia with our rabies awareness education program and providing free care and treatment to dogs and cats including responsible dog ownership education program for their owners.

All of these activities are done to ensure that communities are better informed about rabies and its prevention. The various activities also inform communities that there is a link between the health and welfare of their dogs and cats and their own health.

In order to ensure that communities are well educated about rabies and its prevention, LAWCS has been involved in:

  1. Community Rabies Awareness education program

  2. Dog Bite Prevention Program in schools and communities

  3. Responsible Dog Ownership education program for pet owners

  4. Radio Education Program

  5. Free animal care program for dogs and cats

On September 28, LAWCS celebrated World Rabies Day with a parade in the principal streets of Kolahun City with over 1,000 students and teachers from 10 schools including community members and key stakeholders. The parade ended with an indoor program where many speeches were made by key stakeholders including the District Health Officer, the Administrator of the hospital in Kolahun CIty, the District Agriculture Officer, the District Education Officer, the City Major, the District Commissioner, the District Paramount Chief, teachers from the various schools, and a Peace Corps volunteer.

Pictures of the WRD 2017 celebration below:

The LAWCS Team (Morris missing)

World Rabies Day awareness raising

WRD parade

Humane Ed classes attend the WRD parade

Humane Ed class at WRD parade

WRD drew a huge crowd and enthusiastic school kids!

Ten of our Humane Ed schools attended the WRD celebration

Students were invited to speak about animals and rabies prevention

Many speakers talked about how important it is to take care of animals

World Animal Day

We had a successful World Animal Day celebration in Foya City on October 4 with nearly 2,000 people attending the celebration. We had students from 10 of the 32 schools where LAWCS is implementing humane education.

The program started with a parade in the main streets of Foya City followed by an indoor program. The key stakeholders from the district including the District Education Officer, the District Agriculture Officer, the District Health Officer, the District Commissioner, the City major, the paramount chief of the district, teachers from the 10 schools, animal owners, community members, and the district FDA Officer, all attended the program.

The program was celebrated under the theme: "Help make a difference for animals in Liberia." We used the day to create awareness about animals and their plights. We also used the day to motivate people to celebrate and appreciate our relationship with animals and the ways in which animals enrich our lives.

All of the speakers at the program appreciated LAWCS for the wonderful program and asked that LAWCS extends its awareness program in other part of the district, county and country at large. We also encouraged the audience to speak out and ensure the humane treatment of companion animals, farm animals and to advocate for the protection of the habitats that are home to wild animals.

Pictures of the WAD 2017 celebration below:

World Animal Day Celebration (Morris kneeling in front)

10 schools attended the WAD celebration

Children carried signs to raise awareness

Several of Liberia's leaders attended

Humane ed students at the WAD celebration

World Animal Day parade

World Animal Day parade

Humane Ed students

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