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A Win for Wildlife in South Sudan

2008: South Sudan's Ministry of Environment, Wildlife Conservation, and Tourism (MEWCT) confiscates wildlife from people who capture animals to sell, to keep as pets, or to use for food. One of AKI's original humane education volunteers (who needs to remain anonymous) was aware of the often poor conditions that these confiscated animals are kept in. He began talking to the MWECT in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, to find out ways to help them take care of the confiscated animals.

He had a new cage made for a cost of US $400, and handed it over to the MWECT to use for this beautiful wild cat. Whereas previously, this cat had been kept in a small cage and in direct sun, thanks to a donation from AKI and our Humane Ed volunteer in South Sudan, he now lives in a new, spacious cage, under shade. Unfortunately, the cat will never be released to the wild as it has been in captivity since a baby and has an injured leg.

Confiscated animals are often used for Humane Education purposes when schoolchildren visit the Wildlife Forces’ offices. This may be their first glimpse of some of the wildlife species still found in South Sudan.

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