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AKI & Have A Heart-Namibia: Honoring Lindie's Memory

This AKI Blog post is dedicated to Lindie Prinsloo, the founder of HAH and the reason that an HAH-AKI partnership exists to this day. We honor her memory with our continued support for emergency care for HAH clients, parasite treatment and vaccination of previous HAH clients (i.e., during year 2 and beyond), and for spay/neuter for cats (or any other s/n funding that HAH needs).

Since our last HAH post in July, this is how your donations to Animal-Kind International helped HAH animals:

From August through October, 163 previously sterilized dogs and cats were booster vaccinated and treated against internal and external parasites thanks to AKI donors!

This is Anna (a male dog) before parasite treatment:

This is Anna, 4 weeks later, after parasite treatment:

Geesche: "Every single animal we can - thanks to AKI - is kept up with vaccination against rabies and other diseases, treated for worms, fleas, ticks and mites. This not only gives a higher chance to live a happy and healthy life, it also lowers the risk for humans. Especially at risk are children in close contact with sick animals due to the lack of awareness for health risks, low hygienic standards in the townships, and very limited access to medical care for infections and illnesses like those disseminated by infested animals. So whilst improving the health and welfare status of companion dogs and cats, AKI does so much for humans as well!"

Sweety was sterilized in 2015 in Luderitz, so she is one of HAH's old customers. In mid-October, HAH received a desperate call from Luderitz, Sweetie broke both her front legs!!! Luderitz SPCA picked her up and kept her quiet for the night. Sweetie was in so much pain.

Sweetie at the Luderitz SPCA:

The next morning Sweetie got a lift to the vet - 350 kilometers to get to the closest vet, Dr. Erna in Mariental. First, Dr. Erna gave Sweetie pain medication and and made her comfortable and then she took xrays. The news were devastating. Sweetie had very difficult injuries.

Geesche: "But we don't give up so easy! Dr. Erna spoke to Dr. Maya, Dr. Maya got a third opinion from South Africa. The operation will be very difficult but possible. A fourth vet, Dr. Minty, offered to do the operation, she said she has the experience and the equipment in her clinic. So Dr. Erna kept Sweetie for the night and the next day she drove her another 550 km from Mariental to Windhoek to Dr. Minty. Poor Sweetie had to be operated in total 3 times to have all her injuries fixed."

Sweetie after 3 surgeries:

Geesche: "Poor Sweetie still has a long time to heal but she is eating well and her eyes are so thankful that she will get a chance to run around again! Her family can't wait to have her back in 6 weeks. They love her very much (they wouldn't have asked for help if not) and miss her. Sweetie is only alive thanks to AKI. The vets and SPCA have volunteered their help for Sweetie, but we still have to pay for Sweetie's material costs, screws, pins, medication etc. HaH as a spay program doesn't have funds to pay for injuries and without AKI Sweetie would have had no chance at all - her family looks very well after her but has low income only. Without AKI not only Sweetie would be dead by now, but lots of hearts would have been broken as well - and all because the family can't afford an operation for such a beautiful and much loved dog."

Geesche: "Just got another update on Sweetie she is being hand-fed by the clinic team 3x per day. She can't walk on her legs yet but she started to "make a plan" and with a bit of support she walks on her back legs. The whole team at Rhino Park Vet Clinic is looking after her very well and pamper her as much as they can."

Another AKI dog is Meisie ("Girl" in Afrikaans), who lives in Mondesa and was spayed in September at an HAH clinic. She stopped eating in early November, and her owner asked HAH for help. HAH sent her to the vet for a check up and she tested positive for tick bite fever. With funds from AKI, HAH paid for the 3 week antibiotic treatment for Meisie, and she's expected to 100% recover!

Geesche (November 7): "Mayor is our newest AKI dog and Mayor had a big problem. Luckily Dr. Erna was able to help him. Mayor broke his penis bone. The fracture has healed, but it healed in less than an optimal position. That caused his urethra to be blocked. Oh my word, poor Mayor must have been in so much pain! Luckily the owner knew where to go and ask for help for this beautiful boy. Dr. Erna did a scrotal urethrostromy and neutered Mayor. Of course he also received his vaccination, parasite treatment and vitamins. He was put on antibiotics and kept at the clinic to make sure his kidneys are fine. Dr. Erna sent us also this message: 'Mayor's dad just popped in and the little guy's mood improved a lot after seeing his dad!'"

Animal-Kind International is grateful that we can help these HAH dogs (and cats) in need! This is our living memorial to Lindie Prinsloo.

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