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Liberia AWCS & AKI: August-December 2018

Morris Darbo, Founder/Director of Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society, reports on recent LAWCS news and how AKI donors have helped LAWCS.

Message from Morris and Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society to AKI and AKI Donors (December 1):

We are overjoyed by your financial support toward our animal protection work in Liberia in 2018. From all of us at the Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society, especially the animals and children- thank you very much for your substantial financial support. Together with you, we continue to create a caring and socially responsible environment where animals and people can live together in harmony. In 2018, LAWCS impacted the lives of more than 6,000 companion animals, 3,000 farm animals, reached and inspired more than 20,000 people especially children through our humane education programs, and responded to over 50 reports of animal cruelty. Your generosity made all of these possible. Working at LAWCS, we witness the impact of your support every day, ranging from people providing the welfare needs of their animals, rescuing neglected animals, to reporting animal abuse cases. We look forward to your continued support in 2019.

This family is typical of what happens when children attend LAWCS humane education lessons and when LAWCS works closely with families. This family lives in Foya. Margret, the mother, was one of those who had negative beliefs about cats. According to Margret, she grew up believing that cats are witches and as a result she never had a love for cats. However, her children who are in LAWCS humane education program were able to change her belief about cats and they now have 2 cats in their family. She said that the cats recently saved them when a snake entered the room at night. It was the cats that alerted them that the snake was in the room. Margret now strongly believes that cats are perfect and caring animals just like dogs.

Margret and her family, including their cats

Margret and her family now have 2 cats

Margret's family

On September 28, World Rabies Day, LAWCS organized various programs. The programs included community awareness, school education, and the vaccination of over 600 dogs and 10 cats. It was a great program. Dog owners were bringing their dogs up to 7PM. The funds from AKI enabled us to purchase 1000 doses of rabies vaccine. We will use the remaining vaccines at community animal clinics. Pictures below show the LAWCS rabies vaccination clinic on World Rabies Day.

A long line to get rabies vaccination

Waiting for rabies vaccinations

So many people in line for rabies vaccination for their dogs

The line for rabies vaccinations

Rabies vaccinations for World Rabies Day

A policeman gets his dog vaccinated

Celebrating World Rabies Day

These are pictures, taken in November, of the animals in communities where LAWCS is working. These pictures show the impacts of our humane education program. Animals in communities where LAWCS has its humane education program are happy, healthy and friendly. In some of the pictures, you can see that water and food bowls are given to the animals. This is because LAWCS explains to people that all animals need clean water and that food should be given in bowls.

In August, the newly appointed City Mayoress of Voinjama City showed her commitment to the care and protection of animals by participating in the planting of LAWCS sign board in the center of the city.

Wondering how LAWCS uses your donations? AKI now has pie charts on our website-at a glance, you can see how LAWCS uses the funds we send to them (2018 chart shows only through March 2018).

LAWCS and AKI are so grateful to our donors for their support in 2018.

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