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Animal Rescue League-Senegal: Grant Progress Report 1

Funder: Animal-Kind International

Period of Performance: October 26, 2018 through April 26, 2019

Period of reporting: October 26 through December 22, 2018

Funds expended: $0 to date

Activities Undertaken:

  1. Funds received on October 26, 2018

  2. Discussions with Drs. Cissé and Kassé, ARL veterinarians, about organizing the vaccination campaign. Secured their commitment to participate. Timing to be February/March 2019, after the Gorée Island sterilization campaign (January 2019).

  3. Discussion with student coordinator at the School of Veterinary Medicine in Dakar. She will mobilize students to assist once date and location are determined.

  4. Dr. Cissé agreed to contact the rabies vaccine supplier to match the amount of vaccine that AKI will provide for the event.

  5. Discussions underway about how to organize the event such that it can be replicated in other neighborhoods of Dakar (eg, have the mayor of the neighborhood attend and endorse, and invite the mayor of the next location to announce his neighborhood as the next to benefit). LPA volunteers have begun discussions with local businesses for support.

  6. Discussions planned with the media, to ensure television and radio coverage of the event.

We are right now mobilizing for a sterilization campaign of hopefully 100+ cats on Gorée Island in early January. Following the sterilization campaign, we will focus on the AKI-funded vaccination campaign.

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