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Santa Claus in an animal shelter in Romania

I love what Sava's Safe Haven in Romania does because 1) they focus on animals in poor villages where people have limited knowledge about and resources to care for pets and 2) because they so obviously show their love for the shelter dogs -as you can see in this Christmas post from Alexandra Sava.

--Karen M.

Hello from Sava's Safe Haven, we want to share with you this beautiful story! Christmas as a story, even for shelter dogs.....

Christmas as a story, is our project launched 6 years ago when we decide to make a difference for shelter animals by giving them a real Christmas, even though they live in kennels.

Today, after 6 years, we continue to make the difference for shelter animals and offer them a loving Christmas, though they are in kennels, some of them by over 5 years!

We started this project long time ago to offer to the shelter animals a chance to be happy and to feel the joy of the holidays.

Sava's Safe Haven is one of the lucky shelters in which Santa Claus is coming every year! Our team organised again the Christmas as a story, even for shelter dogs this year and all our dogs got a Christmas gift from Santa that includes biscuits, dental sticks, chew bones, warm clothes, toys for the young dogs and special food for older ones!

Everything thanks to worldwide supporters of the shelter.

Santa visits Sava's Safe Haven, Christmas 2018

This video of Christmas at Sava's Safe Haven is (P)awesome!!

Another year over, and a new one just begun.......

**Over 100 dogs rehomed in most lovely homes from UK, Germany and Sweden

**We created a new team in Sweden under " Andra Chansen Sava's Safe Haven - Sverige "

**Spayed and helped over 100 community animals

**Improvements to the shelter's clinic

New year resolution: It's about shelter dogs!

**Improve the living condition in shelter for long-time residents in shelter by improving the kennels and create a natural playground of 1200 meters in front of the shelter.

**Invest in a community project of education and spay/neuter.

**Increase the number of worldwide volunteers and increase the number of rehomed animals.

Join us in 2019

Our charity is always looking to improve its facilities and standard of living for the dogs in our care, but we can only continue our vital work with the help of our supporters and friends from abroad.

As our motto states:

'With love and care, rescued dogs can wag their tail again. This is our work, to change their lives.'

Our refuge is run by a non-profit organization we are totally reliant upon private donations.




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