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Kingston Community Animal Welfare: Hope for Kingston's Street Cats & Dogs

AKI and KCAW have been partners since 2007, since the start of AKI. AKI donors provide about 90% of KCAW's funding. So AKI donors....all of this is thanks to your help and your kind and generous support! In Deborah's words......

(December) This little dog belongs to a street vendor. A woman. He was hit by a speeding car. I was driving past and just happened to see the dog lying helpless on the side of the road. Nobody thought to take the poor animal from the street. If I didn't ask them to help me they would have left the dog the same place he was hit. So sad. I examined him to see what his injuries were. His back leg may have been hit, but it seemed to be a glancing blow.

I sent the woman into a nearby bar to get some sugar. I mixed it in a cup with water from my car and used a syringe to gently administer it (old Jamaican remedy). He took it. I gave her my number and asked her to call me if she needed anything. And then I drove to work, again late! She called to tell me the dog made a full recovery, but still limps a little.

Deborah administers sugar solution to a dog that received a glancing blow from a car

The dog was shaken up, but no permanent damage

The dog's owner, a street vendor

(December) This little girl lives in bushes along a main road. I feed her several times a week. She had pups in July and I had her spayed in September. I noticed a swelling under her tummy and saw that it was growing. It eventually burst and became infested with maggots. She wasn't very tame so had a hard time catching her both to spay and to take her back for the swelling. She is so sweet though. I love her.

Street dog with a swelling on her abdomen

Swelling on her abdomen-on the way to the vet

(December) Usual story. Like a broken record! Driving to work and saw this little girl soaked in blood and unable to move. Tons of people walking past, driving past yet not one single person thought to help this poor little animal, clearly in pain too. I stopped and took her to the vet. She had surgery but will never have use of the leg. I kept her at KCAW's kennels for 2 months and just recently found a wonderful lady who did not mind her disability- and loves her! Her new forever name is SHEENA! :)

Sheena after she was hit by a car

Sheena in Deborah's car, on the way to the vet

Vet clinic worker carries Sheena inside (Deborah was in her work clothes)

Sheena after surgery, her left leg will never fully heal

Lucy has been with me for the last 4-5 years. I rescued her from an open lot near my house. She had 5 pups and was starving. The gardeners in the area told me to move her or else they would throw the pups away and chase her from the area. I don’t know why, she wasn’t in anybody’s way, then I realized they were growing marijuana on the same abandoned lot. That answered my question.

And…despite having her for so long I still can’t touch her, well I can touch her, maybe rub her nose for 3 seconds then she runs away. I have 2 more just like her, for over 6 years. 6 years and I have to sedate them and then trap them to give them a simple bath. Mind boggling.

Back to Lucy. She got a cut on the ear and maggots got into it (cause I couldn’t catch her to clean it). I had to get Deb and Gill and my gardener to catch her and we used 2 catch poles. It was quite a scene! Ran around my yard for hours. She is a pretty big dog too and ferocious. I thought dogs had a ‘sixth’ sense and knew when people loved them and wouldn’t hurt them. The hematoma on her ear was huge. Very happy for AKI's donation. Will certainly help with this big bill! See photos of surgery and then resting with bandaged ear after successful surgery!

Dog with hematoma


Here's another Kingston street dog, hungry and shy. I feed him when I see him waiting for me. He stopped eating to pose for the camera -and to say thank you!

(July) On my way home from work one evening, I saw this old boy on the roadside sitting looking so sad and helpless. I had to stop. He had a maggot-infested wound on his paw. I tried to spray the wound but when I examined it closely saw it was so extensive and he was so old. I took him to the vet, where he was gently put to sleep. In doggie heaven running around with his friends now.

Old boy with a maggot wound on his paw

I rescued these beautiful kittens from a man heading to the harbour side with them in a box. I stopped him to ask what was in the box when I saw (breathing) holes in the box. He admitted he couldn’t look after them and was going to ‘dash dem wey’ ( throw them away). I said I would take them but then he greedily said they were for sale. I gave him J$500 [not even US$4!!] and took them. He never even looked back.

I had nowhere to keep them and was up to my neck with strays. But I wasn’t leaving them! I called Cindi who came to the rescue!

Deborah rescued 3 kittens from a man who was going to throw them in the sea

Cindi wrote, "Thank God for Jackie and Pat who agreed to foster them. At first they spat and hissed and bit and scratched if you tried to go near, but in 24 hours they were purring and playing (just shows what a little love and care can do). Fast forward and here are Trixie, Hennessey, and Izzy in their new home. The moral of the story is don’t give up on a seemingly aggressive animal who is really just traumatized. A little patience works wonders."

3 kitties playing-no care in the world

Wondering how Kingston Community Animal Welfare uses your donations?

Thank you from KCAW and AKI! To read more about the AKI-KCAW partnership or to donate to KCAW:

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