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Touch of Life-Egypt: Report on the use of AKI Grant funding

This report summarizes how Touch of Life used the AKI grant, which was awarded in October 2018 to provide assistance to ToL's shelter. The Touch of Life shelter supports over 200 animals including donkeys, dogs and cats. and would love to rescue and rehabilitate horses as well but doesn't currently have the space.

Dear Animal Kind International:

From all Touch of Life family we want to thank you so much for your great help, support and your kind fund to help us improve our animal conditions. We are so grateful to you.

We received from your organization total funds of 500U$ almost equal 9000 LE. We bought 25 pack of cat’s vaccination 25x160LE= 4000 LE and pack of dog’s vaccination 5x150LE= 750 LE.

Cat vaccinations

Cat vaccinations

Dog vaccinations

We did repair of an area in the dog play ground which is lower than the other land so water from nearby drains into the area, it becomes wet and so the dogs can’t sleep there, and it is a source of humidity that will attract insects, such as ticks, and cause diseases. We isolated this piece of land and covered with cement so the dogs can sleep and be safe from cold weather and rain in winter and away from heat and sun in summer time. This area cost us 1010 LE.

Before concrete was put down in this low lying area

Pouring concrete

Area is now raised and concrete placed to keep it dry

AKI funds covered the cost of raising this area and laying concrete

A comfortable, dry area for the dogs to sleep-stays cool in the summer, warm in the winter

We bought a water heater to have warm water for bathing our dogs, cats, donkeys as well as for our workers, the water heater and its connections and some repair of water pump total cost was 1775 LE.

Water heater being installed

The water heater will provide warm bathing water for animals and workers

We bought 4 big water bowls for our dogs and donkeys at 400 LE each = 1600 LE. In total, AKI's funds were used for vaccinations, repairing dog’s area, water heater and plumber work, water bowls, and Revolution. Total 9135 LE.

Water bowls that dogs can dig in and drink from (the donkey too)

TOL's dog yard, showing the new pools where dogs can take a dip and cool off

Touch of Life Shelter

4 water bowls (pools) bought with AKI funds

Revolution, purchased with AKI grant funds

Thank you so much, all at Touch of Life are so much appreciate your wonderful support and so grateful to all what you are doing to us and around the world.

My kind regards, Dr. Manal Gad, Treasurer and Founder of Touch of Life Organization

[From Animal-Kind International: Manal Gad, we are happy we can support your work, it makes our fundraising efforts worthwhile!]

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