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OIPA-Cameroon is pleading for donations to help a poor family keep the rescued puppy they love.

US$350 will provide a pen/kennel, food, neuter surgery, and vet care for two years.

Debora Lum and her eight-year old granddaughter, Nangah Angel, live in Alamadu in Makon village in the North West Region of Cameroon. Deborah is 75 years old and a subsistence farmer. She is also an animal lover. OIPA-Cameroon first met Debora in November 2018, when we carried out a mass vaccination, treatment, and educational campaign in her village. Debora had brought her cat for a check-up and to be vaccinated.

At that time, we distributed educational charts about animal health and our contact information to all animal owners who attended the clinic. Since then, we have been helping Debora by providing cat food and veterinary care.

On 10 April 2019, Angel called me very early in the morning and asked me to meet her at the OIPA-Cameroon office-she needed help for her dog. I contacted the vet, who joined me at our office, where we met Debora, Angel, and a three-month old puppy. Debora told us that two days prior they had rescued the puppy from under a bridge as they were walking to their farm.

Angel had been asking her grandmother for a dog, but Debora said they couldn’t afford one. (When a dog gives birth, hunters usually buy the puppies to use them when they hunt. The going price is about 7500 CFA, equivalent to US$15.) Debora and Angel took the puppy to the farm for the day, then brought him-now named Sonel-home.

At the OIPA-Cameroon office

Debora told us that Angel had refused to eat because the puppy had not eaten for two days. Debora said she was ready to do anything to save the life of the puppy and put a smile back on her granddaughter’s face. Debora had brought the equivalent of US$1 to cover the vet bill.

The vet examined Sonel and concluded that from living outdoors, the pup probably ate and drank bad food and water. Sonel was also severely malnourished. With some healthy food, vitamins, and clean water, Sonel is expected to gain his strength and energy back.

Debora, Angel, and Sonel

Debora, Angel, and Sonel

We were touched that Debora took the time and effort to bring Sonel to our office and by the care and concern of both of them for Sonel's well-being. Considering that Debora is so poor, she was willing to spend US$4 to travel from her home to our office and back to save the puppy’s life.

On top of that, Debora lives in a rural community, where animals aren’t typically held in high regard, yet she understands how important the puppy is to her granddaughter and that animals can make people smile. When we asked why Debora rescued the puppy, given her difficult financial situation, she told us that her granddaughter is passionate about dogs so she had no choice.


By the time Debora and Angel left our office, Sonel was looking better, and the family was very happy. We consider them heroes for saving the life of this beautiful pup. They are good examples to others in their village.

Debora and Angel are willing to do their best for Sonel but Debora has very limited means. OIPA-Cameroon has committed to helping them keep Sonel and we ensured them we would do all we can so they can keep the puppy healthy and part of their family.

Debora, Angel, and Sonel head home

We are hoping to provide a cage to keep Sonel safe when Debora and Angel aren’t around, dog food, and continued vet care. Sonel will need two more rounds of shots, regular de-worming and tick and flea treatments, and until he gains weight and his condition improves, he will need vitamins.

We are pleading for donations to support Debora and Angel so they can give their puppy the chance to grow and thrive. We hope to raise US$350, which we estimate will provide Sonel’s neuter surgery and the care that Sonel will need for the next two years. Of course, we will keep our commitment to Debora and Angel throughout Sonel’s life.

To make a donation, please visit: and indicate OIPA-Cameroon when you donate.

OIPA-Cameroon is the only animal welfare organization that serves the people and animals in this part of Cameroon. For more information, see our website,

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